my fantasy party

September 20, 2004

so we had a crowd over for football yesterday. i had no idea we were even having a party but that’s usually how these things go. i don’t mind though, these friends are easy, you want to open your house to them. there is a sense of community that is familiar to me. i was worried about not having any food but they straggled in bearing pizzas, chili and homemade salsa.

and late in the evening there was a run for expensive, decadent cheesecake….this is the best way to be about meals- impulsive and decadent.

there is always a new face, someone randomly invites someone but everyone else seems to know or know of the person except jorge and i. i quickly try to figure out who is connected to who and how. this is life in richmond virginia, everyone always comes back. so while getting to know wendy(a fascinating policy analyst) i casually ask her what her letters are.

find out yours:

“istj, that’s so funny, my friend and i were just talking about that the other day. people rarely know about myers briggs. what are yours?”

“oh, i’m an esfj. i could talk about it forever.”

“me too.”

so we continue to talk letters for the next half hour. i am instantly endeared to wendy- bff i’m sure. jorge wanders into the dining room and i tell him wendy’s letters and then they discuss letters too. jack starts to stir so i run in the bedroom to nurse him back down. jorge pops his head in a few minutes later, “babe, adam and aaron are taking the myers-briggs test. ”

“are you serious, this is like my fantasy party!”

“i know babe, come on out.”

before i know it we are all crowded around the tiny screen reading about each other in depth. everyone is talking over everyone else.

“oh, i LOVE your letters.”

“that is so you.”

“it’s pretty on.”

“hey, this totally explains your love for weed dude.”

“just skip over the lover part.” (the explanation of the kind of lover you are)

how this party went from a football party to a myers-briggs party, i’ll never know. but i have to say, it was a pleasant surprise.

One Response to “my fantasy party”

  1. twomidnightblues Says:

    I took the test and am
    Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

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