so we got a dog…

February 24, 2009


read all about it here



more cheesy love stuff…

February 21, 2009

my graffiti art…(kinda)

February 20, 2009


I added the heart…it’s paper.


the pippa wait…

February 18, 2009


It was the last day as just the brothers, their baby was going to be born in only a few hours. What do you do while you are waiting for your little person to come? Charlie and Sam let us hang out with them and find out…

first you help your friends dog shop…rescue mutts only please.


then you go to the toy store and try on funny hats…


after the funny hats, funny faces follow…


you decide you are hungry and head to the deli, you play the “who is getting a baby game?” while you wait for sandwiches…


it’s time to leave and go deliver a meal to another friend who got a baby this week, then home to get ready to party, it is valentine’s day after all…

pippa-wait-valentine-lanterns pippa-wait-valentines

you secretly hope your mom will be in labor at little bit longer (actually said this) so you can have your first sleepover…you then have your valentine’s day party and you don’t even know it but just as you were toasting to baby sisters and love, your very own sister, pippa, came into the world while your papa held your mama…it was magic.


and this is the day when 2 kids turned into 3…

Much love and happiness to the Wilsons…thanks for letting us be part of your day.


growing girl…

February 16, 2009


This is Jorgie’s tree… he bought it before the holidays and said he was going to grow our very own Christmas tree. I laughed and he faithfully watered everyday. Nothing happened for the longest time, but Jorge’s Journey philosophy in life and sheer love grew the little seed.

I  look at the tiny plant on the windowsill everyday and feel a sort of friendship. I’m out  and growing. No hiding under a dirt surface, I’m growing both ways now. I’m so into my things, it’s all I ever want to talk about…to talk about myself. (tiny gasp) For so long I mirrored the thoughts and feelings in a room, held back or guarded my own. It was my superpower to meet you wherever you were, and stay there. Except now I find my own ideas and opinions coming out of my mouth and sometimes, well, I’m slightly horrified. But I can’t swallow them back and it’s okay. Surprisingly, okay.

I’m no longer the most comfortable girl in the room to be with and I’m a little self-absorbed at the moment and I’m creating and kinda proud and frustrated and determined and scared and strong…and strong. It’s good and sad all at the same time.

I’m a growing girl…


i’m in love with…

February 14, 2009


capturing the moment…

being present in every second…

a powerful girl who finally decides it’s time to let you take her picture…

discovering the beauty all around…

finding myself in this new art…

being seen…

seeing love through the lens… 

I am blissing out on art and pictures and babies and family love this valentine’s day…I hope love finds you too today, in the way you need  it most.

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the love holiday…

February 11, 2009


All you need is love…It was Lucy’s first song. She sang it in the back seat of the car many a morning as we dropped boys off at school. I think she was trying to comfort herself, she wanted to go more than anything else. She was livin’ on love till her time came.

Whatever your relationship is with the holiday of love, here are a few ideas sure to make the love come ’round.

1. Welcome chocolate into your heart.  Now is the time to invest in experience my friend. Buy good chocolate (dark and rich) and good wine. No worries if these things do not appear via someone tall, dark and handsome, Love yourself and love yourself well.

2. Get Suggestive. When Jorge started turning our “healing words” set of magnetic poetry into suggestive sexual phrases on the refrigerator I decided to see if the real thing existed. Whaddya know, it totally does and it is WAY fun! Every morning I wake up to or leave a phrase like this:


Our kids haven’t caught on and the sexual humor is endless. We never even speak about it, but sometimes I hear him laughing in the kitchen.

3. Give in to the Family Love.  Growing up I had no idea Valentine’s Day was an exclusive holiday. My mother made a heart-shaped meatloaf, we decorated brown lunch bags to hold our family valentines, my dad brought home roses for me and my sisters.  Embrace whatever kind of love is before you and invite it if it’s not there. 

It came down to food one year. Jack suggested that if Valentine’s Day was about love we should each pick a food we love to eat at the “love dinner”. I kid you not, we had corn dogs, corn, and ham croquetas that year. and cheesecake with cherries on top for dessert.  It was one of my favorite Valentine’s ever.

4. Skip the expectation game. Don’t wait to see what your other is going to do or not do before you decide how this holiday is going to go down in the history books. Make a general plan leaving just a little room for surprise should one person be feeling the desire. It’s better to be in it together.

5. Spread the love. It’s the perfect time to share the love around. Take red flowers and homemade notes to old ladies or other unsuspecting individuals- teacher’s aides, school janitors, toll collectors, grocery baggers, etc. The love will come right back to you, kindness love is like that.  

Make way for love to come…it is all around.