soul sisters unite!!!!!

November 15, 2004

so sorry to all three of you who read my secret blog that i seem to have gone missing. i have been completely and utterly obsessed with the organization of the zine (even to the point of having a knock down drag out over gmail vs. excel- so silly, i know).

but…..our zine is finally done!

for those of you that don’t know my sister jen and i wrote a zine about christmas. technically, it’s more of a book (75 pages). i have to say the collaboration amazed me. jen and i were like kim and ron from kim possible. (it’s sad when your analogies come to the lastest cartoon.) but i think this might be the thing that has touched me the most. we work REALLY well together. the content flowed and so did the laughter. and just when it gets tense or weird, someone says how they feel to lift the conflict to a place where it can be worked out. i have felt deeply loved by jen through this whole process. good stuff…

we launched the website on thursday and by sunday we sold around hundred zines. in the middle of this madness i simply forgot to tell you all that this monumental experience happened. so very sorry, please don’t feel like the redheaded stepchild, mkay?

so here is the link in all her glory-

hope you love it so much you just want to eat it up! hope it inspires you, hope it makes you laugh, hope it makes you cry, hope it is better than Cats…..or at least good bathroom reading!

much love and many thanks for your support!

your friend,


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