The Magic Wand Project For Kids is a community adventure where kids can discover their kindness magic can change our world!

The Story:

Years ago I was running errands with my kids when I happened to over hear a conversation between my kids Jack and Lucy about magic. It changed my view on magic and kindness forever.

Jack (age 7) and Lucy (age 5)

Lucy: You know magic is not real… (said in a tone of sadness)
Jack: Yes it is Lucy!
Kindness is magic.
The earth is magic.
The way the planets turn is magic.
How we survive is magic.
You are magic Lucy…

Lucy: So am I wrong? Because I thought there was no magic.
Jack: No, how you are in our family is kindness Lucy, and that is magic. When you just shared with Lyra, that is it. I believe in you Lucy. Everyone is magic, if they spread kindness, joy and love, everyone can be magic.

Lucy: I guess you are right. (in a hopeful voice)
Jack: Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.

Lucy passed Lyra a small toy when she cried.

Jack: That’s it! There you go spreadin’ it, spreading magic.

I realized that kids are experts in kindness and magic so I had an idea. I found some old magic wands I had left over from a project long ago and wondered what would happen if we let all that kindness magic out into the world? How far could it go?  What would happen if we let  let kids show us the way? How would it change our city and communities? How would it would it change us?

The project:

1. We are leaving 100 magic wands all over our city (RVA) at playgrounds, libraries, schools, any place a kid might find it.

2. Attached to the wand is an invitation to do 3 acts of kindness and discover your kindness magic together.

3. When you are done, send your pictures or tell us about your kindness adventures at The Magic Wand for Kids Facebook Page .

(or at LEAST show us your best magic wand power pose! :))

4. THEN, leave the kindness magic wand some where else for some other kid to find, or ding dong ditch it to a friend, or sneakily leave it for the next class to discover!


1. We aren’t sure what kind of kindness to do? It seems the best way to make that first step to create something beautiful is to play and start in the place of something you love. Here are a few ideas:

If you love to bike, use your bike in your mission or have a lemonade stand to donate to a charity like this.

Love playing at the river?  Pick up litter and then go for a hike or take a swim.

Do you love your grandma? Make a card telling her and also one for your old lady neighbor!

2. What if I am not feeling very kind right now? Or my kid doesn’t want to share the magic wand?

It probably means you need some kindness yourself! Start by doing something kind for you AND someone you love at the same time!
Or make another wand to pass on with the tag and keep the first wand to do more kindness!

3. I don’t live in Richmond but I REALLY want to play along. Where can I get some wands? Or I live in RVA and can’t find a magic wand of kindness?

You can! We are HOPING you do actually! We are really hoping this project will spread all over the country and beyond.

Here is a tag you can download to attach to magic wands (or here are the ones we used) to leave somewhere in your city! You can also check out our wand making party for more ideas to make your own!

4. This would be rad to do at school! Hello anti-bullying.  How do I pass this on to teachers and school administration? 

We also have The Magic Wand Project For Kids Teacher Guide for schools and educators looking for a little more direction.

You can download the Teacher/School Guide here.

5. I wanna share this story but it needs to be simple, not so many words. Got anything? 

Here is a short write-up on the project and how it started and an article by our friends at StyleWeekly here.

Wanna find or hunt for a wand?
Look for clues or sightings on the Facebook page in the next couple weeks!

YOU are MAGIC! Thanks for being part of The Magic Wand Project For Kids!



p.s. you may want to also check out The Magic Wand Project for creating city love and change!

39 Responses to “The Magic Wand Project for Kids”

  1. Karen Caron Says:

    Love it!!

  2. […] You can read more about the project here. […]

  3. […] little video invite love for those that might be interested in The Magic Wand Project For Kids…hoping you all are having lots of kindness magic happening on this Mother’s Day […]

  4. Capt. Troy and Kim Link Says:

    we acually just found a wand at historical yorktown! what fun. made us feel kinder just finding it! my husband and i were on our motorcycle when we found it proped against a sign telling of the yorktwn battles! How cool! we will put it somewhere fun for children to find!
    Capt. Troyand kim Link

  5. Cait Says:

    Hi there! So excited to begin! I found lots and lots of silver magic mini wands at Target in the party favor aisle, and THEN I found some more princessy wands in the dollar bins! I bet the party store carries magic wands as well. Have fun! 🙂

  6. […] You can read about the Kids project here. […]

  7. Kristen Says:

    I love this….and can’t wait to see it spread!

  8. Susannah Meyer Says:

    My K/1 class is armed and ready with 24 magic wands! We are ready to spread our kindness through the Northside!

  9. […] Guys! Kindness magic is EVERYWHERE…like every where I turn there are more wands, more magic, more kindness from The Magic Wand Project for Kids. […]

  10. […] Magic Wand is rollin’! We are working on some in-city wand making parties at some of your favorite […]

  11. Jen Toscano Says:

    This was brought to my attention by Macaroni Kid Richmond and can’t wait to start spreading the magic here in Boynton Beach, Florida My son and I are heading out to the store to buy some wands! LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!!

  12. […] The Magic Wand Project for Kids continues to grow so we thought it might be fun to invite all the kids that have already found or made wands to keep the goodness going by offering a few kindness challenges this summer. […]

  13. […] We still believe there is some kindness magic in Greece, NY and would love to send them some wands! Does anyone have a contact there or would be […]

  14. […] can find out more about how you can participate in The Magic Wand Project For Kids here or on the Facebook page […]

  15. […] Hope the RVA crowd can join us tomorrow for a Magic Wand Making Party from 1-3pm for The Magic Wand Project for Kids. […]

  16. Carol Obrochta Says:

    My 28 year-old daughter Morgan is recovering from surgery for a brain tumor, and we know that she is facing a long journey to healing. Our doorbell rang today and I saw about eight little girls running across the yard to hide while we discovered a beautiful garden bouquet and a wand on our doorstep. What a sweet moment.

  17. […] come naturally. But those people, the ones who just do all this nice stuff and come up with happiness wands, they amaze me. There isn’t a blog entry on Kindness Girl that doesn’t make me want to […]

  18. […] together! If you want to learn more about The Magic Wand Project for Kids, you can check it out here. The Magic Wand Project For Kids is a community adventure where kids can discover their kindness […]

  19. […] I got brave and together we hid 200 magic wands all over the city for The Magic Wand Project and The Magic Wand Project for Kids . […]

  20. Today is the first day of my Do Good, Read More Summer Reading Challenge and I stumbled upon your blog after searching Google for kindness blogs. I am so happy I did! This is exactly the kind of project that I love to feature on my blog and I am definitely going to add it to my Do-Gooder Kids Activities page to help spread the word. I can’t wait to spread some Magic Wands around my neighborhood in NJ. It is amazing what happens simply by listening to our children, isn’t it?

  21. […] upon Kindness Girl.  I landed on her home page but was instantly drawn to something called the Magic Wand Project For Kids.  Folks, let me tell you that this idea is just magnificent and, yes, magical too.  Patience […]

  22. […] her projects include: giving bus passes to people, ding-dong ditching people who need kindness and the magic wand project. She not only believes in kindness, she stands in it. Her guerrilla goodness project tells people […]

  23. Denise Says:

    OMG! Awesome! I have my wands ready for school Monday! Great for this week of thanks!

  24. Ann-Marie Tapley Says:

    This is so sweet. I love it

  25. Kristina Dick Says:

    We will be making magic wands in Daisy Girl Scout Troop 693. Spreading magic in Eagle River Alaska.

  26. lety Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! ❤ I´m a kinder teacher from Mexico, I was looking for ideas to work with my children and I found this, So beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I'll start working on it, spreading magic all over my school and neighborhood.

  27. lily Says:

    I can’t wait to do the kindness project at school!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😉 😉 😉

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  29. […] community. We are excited to have the students here at TBD share acts of kindness with us through The Magic Wand Project. The first grade students will create their own magic wands that will be hidden throughout the […]

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  32. PreKteacherOH Says:

    I’ve been looking for an awesome kindeness project for my preK students to complete next month. Can’t wait to do this!

  33. sofi Says:

    This a fantastic idea! Thank you very much for sharing it. I am going to use it with my students.
    All the best from Menorca!

  34. Ashley Says:

    What a great idea! I’ve been searching for a kindness project for my kids (also Lucy and Jack!) found this randomly on Pinterest. We live in short pump. Happy to join in this effort!

  35. Nikki Says:

    I will be using this with my Girl Scout Troop. Thank you for the idea!

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