kindness is magic…

May 12, 2012

a little video invite love for those that might be interested in The Magic Wand Project For Kids…hoping you all are having lots of kindness magic happening on this Mother’s Day weekend.

4 Responses to “kindness is magic…”

  1. barefootlisa Says:

    LOVE it, Patience! This is lovely what you are putting out into the world and inspiring! I love the video! I’m working on a few, too. I know how as a mom finding the right balance of following your passions, being “out in the world,” and being about and with each child is a journey and a work in progress, always changing and shifting. So I applaud you “birthing” this b/c I know the balancing act it takes! love to you, lisa

  2. Love this! Would you mind if I share it at under “a-reporters” section? Thank you for being an “Angel Among Us” and opening the window to more “angels” big and small!:)
    Valerie Wildman

  3. Mary Prekop Says:

    Hope you don’t mind that I posted it on company’s Facebook page. I love what you are doing. Keep it up 🙂

  4. […] Some days, we are D.O.N.E.! Some days are filled more with whining, complaining, tantrums, and crying. Patience posted about being D.O.N.E. Yep. Been there. There often! But as she so beautifully captured, in words and in images, there is always a grace. A tiny bit of grace. This is honestly the place of new birth, where creativity is born, and beginning again with even more focus and vigor and HEART lies. Check out how riiiiight before Patience launched a beautiful new kindness project, she had this “Grrrrrr day.” And see what bloomed out of that – the Magic Wand Project. […]

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