sweet magic and sisters…

October 18, 2012

If you ask a pair or group of sisters any question, you will quickly get the real deal on any given subject. This is what I love about them, well, that and you can feel like one at any moment…you can feel sisterhood. Chrissy and Sarah (who are actual sisters) from Sweet Spot in Short Pump are these kind of friends. I think this must be why their candy shop feels more like a hang out…a super yummy hangout.

They are funny, sweet and kind. There are little pockets of their killer style and friendship all over the shop but I was even more drawn to their sense of community and desire to use their space for something good. I think this little shop will be a haven for kindness.

It’s the kind of togetherness that you have to live first, and then hold the space for others to experience. When they contacted me about wanting to do a kindness project for Sweetest Day (celebrated officially on 10/20), I was so jazzed. The ideas flowed and I think there will be more to come but we thought inviting some kindness magic was a really great place to start. Especially since Sarah’s daughter Maggie (age 3) found a Magic Wand that my daughter Lyra (age 3) left near the shop one day before we met.

So come join us (and the sisters), bring your kids (and their sisters, brothers too) and hang out with us as we create a little kindness magic together! If you want to learn more about The Magic Wand Project for Kids, you can check it out here. The Magic Wand Project For Kids is a community adventure where kids can discover their kindness magic can change our world!

See you tomorrow (Friday, October 19th) at Sweet Spot from 4-5:30pm at

2228 Old Brick Road  Glen Allen, VA 23060
(804) 360-7768

Can’t wait!

*just a little fyi, no monies exchanged in this here partnership, just a little more kindness in our town. 🙂

mirth and magic…

July 24, 2012

photo taken from the World of Mirth Facebook page

Do you have some places in your city that just make you proud? …or feel cooler somehow (which is huge for me as I do not have a cool bone in my entire body)? Like when someone comes to visit, I say, “Let’s go to the river…oh, and there is this REALLY great toy store in Carytown, but it’s even more than a toy store…oh, AND a chocolate store near there too.”

World of Mirth in Carytown is one of those places for me. Besides a store feeling like art, it may be my friend Thea Brown that makes it especially rad. I have wanted to do something, anything with this crew for awhile now so I was really excited when Thea said yes to adding some magic to the mirth.

These are community events that are making our city known for being kind- these are the friendships and partnerships that create goodness and a really great place for our kids to live. This is the stuff to be proud of…cool toy stores and kindness.

Hope the RVA crowd can join us tomorrow for a Magic Wand Making Party from 1-3pm for The Magic Wand Project for Kids.

We will be making kindness magic wands for kids to take home and start some kindness…or leave somewhere in the city for another kid to  find. All supplies provided, just bring your happy (or grouchy) selves and kids.

You can just show up or let us know you are coming on the Facebook Event Page here.

World Of Mirth

3005 West Cary Street

Richmond, Va 23221

Would love to see you all there! Bring on the glitter and kindness…more is more!

Lucy’s Father’s Day card

The Magic Wand Project for Kids continues to grow so we thought it might be fun to invite all the kids that have already found or made wands to keep the goodness going by offering a few kindness challenges this summer.

What’s our first challenge you ask?! Kindness to DADS! Tomorrow is Father’s Day but we thought we could keep the love going for the whole week. 7 days of Kindness Magic for our dads.

So here is how it works:

1. You find an old or recycled jar and make a label for the front.

2. Download our Kindness Magic for Dads! cards, cut them out and drop them in the jar.

3. Pick one each day to do for your dad, grandpa, uncle or some other kind friend that has loved you (maybe even your mom if she does both jobs!) 🙂 . Here is a funny card from the challenge- it’s a love bomb for dad that involves pictures. Make signs that say… “We love you when…”, then leave the pics all over the house for your dad to find!

4. Have fun and send us picture of kindness or even just a picture of you and your dad at The Magic Project for Kids Facebook Page.

We LOVE you Dads and can’t wait to share our kindness with you!

Guys! Kindness magic is EVERYWHERE…like every where I turn there are more wands, more magic, more kindness from The Magic Wand Project for Kids. (we think there are close to 1,000 magic kindness wands out!)

…we ran out of wands and funds over here but that does NOT stop kindness…we decided to have a wand making party. The neighborhood kids were all about it and created their own magic in the process.

For the wands:


Wood dowels (that we spray painted silver)

Those skinny green bamboo sticks that you use in the garden also work great

For the stars:

I just drew a star freehand, although there are lots of star templates on the internet, we just cut ours out from some recycled cardboard

Some craft stores also sell wood star cutouts

Foam sheets are another great option

We found some lovely glitter paint so we didn’t have to mess with actual glitter although glitter is super magical!

For the pretty: 


Buttons- beware of choking hazards though!

Googly eyes

Feathers- oh, how I adore feathers

To put them together: 

We used hot glue which won’t exactly make them weather proof but we thought they will still hold up well in doors.

We laminated (which was so exciting!) the tags- that you can download here– hole punched them and attached with a clear zip tie. We then cut the extra length of the zip tie off.

Make a wish:

Don’t forget to make a wish that just the right kid will find the wand and that more kindness will make a way to the place it is needed most.

We added a bit of our love and sent them out into the world. I think the thing I am most amazed by is how kids of all ages seem to love this project…and how it has opened my own heart to think about magic and kindness in a new way! LOVE!!!

We thought you might like to see how the magic is unfolding for kids across the nation, pictures and stories are coming in daily on The Magic Wand Project Facebook page. Here are just a few magical kids!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The response from teachers and schools has been so fantastic that we created The Magic Wand Project Teacher Guide. I hope we see lots of kindness pop up in summer school and even more wand making parties!

You can download The Teacher Guide here. (thanks to Lourdes and Jennifer for helping on the tech end with that!)

You are also welcome to share the video too!

Special thanks to our friends at Macaroni Kid Richmond who have helped to spread the word and to all the schools and teachers (and kind kids) that are joining us in all the magic!

Keep all the pictures coming! They do all our hearts some serious good! Kindness is MAGIC!



magic Style!

May 15, 2012

photo by Jason Roop

Thanks to Style Weekly for sharing The Magic Wand Project with Richmond in this week’s issue on news stands now. You can read the article here.*  I am so grateful!

Here’s some info:

You can read more about the project here. I would love to know

If you could be part of one thing to create GOOD in RVA (or your city),
What would it be?

You can read about the Kids project here.

We are inviting kids to discover their kindness magic and do 3 acts of kindness and then pass on the wand or hide it for another kid to find.

What is so crazy is that in less than a week, Magic Wands are popping up in Kansas,  Washington and all over Virginia.

We would love to see schools get involved, if are interested, you can download a tag and make your own wands  with your class! (or pass a wand around  filling up your school with kindness! )

kindness is magic…

May 12, 2012

a little video invite love for those that might be interested in The Magic Wand Project For Kids…hoping you all are having lots of kindness magic happening on this Mother’s Day weekend.

the magic is out…

May 11, 2012

I released 2 new kindness projects out into the world yesterday. It is so exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There is this feeling like –

“Oh my God, I hope it works, I hope it takes off…do you think people will actually do it?!! ”

and also

“Oh it doesn’t even matter, I just HAD to do it, come what may! and JORGE, can you imagine all those sweet magic wands out in the world? ”

Those 2 phrases go on repeat in my head for the first day…but today, things are settling and kindness is moving despite my crazy head conversations.

So here are the projects:

The Magic Wand Project is a social kindness experiment inviting people to discover what they love and care about in their city and community…AND consider where they might share their magic to make the place we live better.

We left 100 Magic wands all over the city with the note attached:

MAGIC! The Magic Wand found you, yep YOU!

So tell me, If you could be part of one thing to create GOOD in RVA (or your city),

We then asked people to tell us here at KindnessGirl and then leave the wand somewhere else for the next person to find.

You can read more about it here.

The Magic Wand Project For Kids is a project where kids can discover their kindness magic can change our world! We left 100 Magic Wands at playgrounds, parks, libraries and other places kids might find them.

We attached this note:

The Magic Wand of Kindness found you, yep YOU!

“Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.” -Jack, age 7.

Your mission: Discover your magic and do 3 acts of kindness. Send us pictures or share your kindness adventures at


After you are done, give this wand to a friend or leave it for another kid to find. Have fun!

You can read more about the project here.

It’s going to take a little bit of time to get the projects rolling but I was SUPER stoked when someone on Twitter (my new friend Sarah!) had already found a wand and sent me this pic!

Then I went to take a kid’s wand to my children’s school this morning thinking they could pass it around and get some kindness going when the very rad art teacher Anne suggested ALL the kids make wands to leave in their neighborhoods and playgrounds. Just like that, kindness wands doubled in the world.

SOoooo, I don’t know what is happening you guys, but something is definitely happening…and it’s changing everything.