chimney sweeps and other dreamy christmas happenings…

December 2, 2004

(taken from ) by me

well here we are on day 2, i feel the need to report on my christmas happenings.

right this very moment someone is cleaning my chimney so my christmas can be oh so more magical, complete with chesnuts roasting and all…i imagined the chimney sweep guy to be a little more like dick van dyke (a la mary poppins) in nature. you know, dancing on my roof, singing a spectacular musical number. i mean, it’s a jolly holiday with you bert.

but alas, no dick, but a very nice kid in his 20’s who looks tired and it’s only 8:30am. i wish i had something in my kitchen to offer him, but even my pantry is bare. we’ve been too busy enjoying christmas to get to the stores.

“excuse me, ma’am, i’m afraid there are some minor cracks in your chimney lining, you all are in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. the fireplace side of the flue is much better than the furnace side. the repairs will cost around $5000.”

“umm, are you sure i can’t use the fireplace just a little tiny bit? i mean we haven’t died or anything yet right? i really need this fireplace for my christmas experience!”

he laughs and goes on to the particulars. i must say, i’m not sure what i’m more upset about, the $5000 or no fireplace this season…this sounds absurd i know, but it’s how i feel. so i’m off to the store to buy like 8 carbon monoxide detectors and research the hell (i love you google) out of chimney liners because god knows we do not have 5 grand.

i wish i was mrs. banks, on the front lines of the suffrage movement, while bert and mary figured out my chimney problems with the children….supercalla my ass…

on a brighter note, in case you all are wondering….

andes creme de menthes are the new startlight mints, this might even replace my “m”azing peanut butter candy addiction.

musing with my lovah (page 11 of the zine) has made this christmas the best ever and we are only on day 2, lots of “projects” can sure make the season bright.

woodburning icons for your advent altar might take a little more skill than first anticipated. they ended up looking like a third grade project but josiah and i didn’t seem to mind. art, it’s all about the process.

josiah insisted that jorge take our baby jesus nativity book with him to work. i’m not really sure what that was about, one can only hope we aren’t rearing a proselytizing fanatic. first it’s christmas books, then it’s tracts…i think maybe i’ve watched the movie saved one too many times this week.

so if anyone feels led, have a fire in your fireplace for me tonight…it would make me so happy to know you are having a oh so magical christmas.

2 Responses to “chimney sweeps and other dreamy christmas happenings…”

  1. Kate Says:

    I’ve got a fire going for you right now, sista!

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