February 23, 2005

i am now affectionately referred to as doc-ock by my boys. neither of the boys have seen the movie but are still obsessed, i think it’s the spiderman legos we have.
josiah will randomly yell- “doc-ock!!!!” and jack instantly comes running and holds my leg as tight as he can.

“you got doc-ock?” says josiah.

“yeah!” jack replies.
then there are loud whoops while both boys run away.

we see the tides changing, they are unifying. jack will not let us touch josiah’s uneaten dinner,
“no, no mama…josiah”

and josiah totally freaks if anyone is mean to jack on the playground. there is a point where the sibling bond overtakes the world. nothing delights me more as i feel the same way about my own sisters. like if we had to, we could take on the world, and kick ass- the doc-ocks and all.

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