mean girls

March 12, 2005

so jorge and i saw mean girls a few weeks ago and then jen and i watched it together last saturday. i really thought that stuff just happened in high school but after this week of playgroup drama and the live journal fiasco i have witnessed a new level of mean-ness.

it’s amazing to me how women can be so incredibly supportive and at other times be so hurtful. i gotta say, as a girl, i have thought mean, snarky thoughts. i’ve had strong opinions in my head, those of self-righteousness and judgment. and then the second i get to know that person better or see a vulnerable side, i feel horrible. like such a jerk. but maybe that is part of the problem. it’s hard to be vulnerable, it’s our humanness that will connect us in the end. but to be really human we must open ourselves up, and who knows which mean girls are lurking in the shadows.
so the burn book came out, and it was so much worse than anyone could have imagined. the community and support starts to feel like a lie. there is no trust and barely a hope that anything left can be revived. everybody kinda looks at each other wondering where do we go from here? and whether they can admit it or not, it’s high school all over again, which ever side you were on. only there is no adult to come in and do silly exercises with you to show you the error of your ways. people are purely reacting- the knee jerk kind.
so eventually after some time, it goes back to the vulnerability. it’s the only thing that can save you in the end. someone will say how they really felt when all this happened, how it hurt their heart, maybe even their soul. the humanness breaks open once again and allows the ointment of forgiveness to do it’s healing. i hope it doesn’t take too long…

One Response to “mean girls”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It made me scared of what Matthew will have to deal with in high school. It also made me glad (for the first time!) that I didn’t have a girl. It’s not just high school though, it’s everywhere. Look at LJ! It stung when I was called a “mean girl” meaner then any mean girl actually! I guess that’s why I made a joke out of it by changing my journal. I may be a bitch but I usually speak what’s on my mind. I don’t act one way and then an other behind closed doors ya know? So I don’t find it to be as bad because I am honest with my bitch factor. I don’t know, I guess I am rambling…

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