spiritual healing…

June 8, 2005

i got a phone call from someone i don’t know last night. she called with a most interesting invitation. my midwife gave her my name and number and thought i should be included. it seems a very well known doula in our local birth community is going through a really difficult time in her family, especially with her daughter. i have no idea what exactly is going on but she has called on her friends (and friends she doesn’t even know yet, i.e. me) to come support her and her daughter at this time.
a spiritual healing of sorts…each attendee is asked to bring a bead that reminds her of courage and hope- this is for a necklace for the daughter. for her mom, we are making a prayer pole, covered with words of encouragement and strength.
i can’t tell you how amazing this all sounds to me. i just keep thinking how the return blessingis so great on these types of things. you usually walk out feeling healed yourself. god knows i could use some healing too. i love when a community can gather around a friend in need, even better, when a friend is in need and feels safe enough to ask for help.
i have no idea who will be there, probably no one i will even know, but i feel honored and happy to be included.

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