my husband is making me a little crazy…

June 9, 2005

have i ever mentioned how incredibly hot my husband is? i’m not sure what exactly it is, i think it’s his smile, that mixed with a killer wink but regardless, he is an attractive man. this really doesn’t seem to diminsh when he puts on a little weight either- at least to me. he just looks bigger and stronger- some people have mentioned the word scary but that’s just because he is tall, broad and latino.

i have discovered there is like a magic key to his life coming together- it’s exercise. whenever he is working out he instantly becomes more productive, involved, happier, etc… then there’s the added plus- while he has a nice body to begin with he goes into oh-my-god status. this is how those accidental positive pregnancy tests keep popping up i’m sure.
but unfortuantely for me, with all this exercise and gloriousness comes watching what you eat. i like to eat a healthy dinner and then a bowl of ice cream- i know this makes no sense but i partially work out to be able to keep my occasional candy bar habit.
my dear husband however, has no sweeth tooth. he can not fully appreciate my deep love for all things chocolate. so while his impecable eating habits are looming all around me i always eventually get convicted and cut down on my sweets. this happens to be very good during pregnancy but can also make a person mildly cranky too.
we had a big birthday party for him last week. i asked him if he would like me to add some healthy options to the menu. i knew this crowd that prefers a third grade school party menu (hot dogs, hamburgers and chips) would not be interested in anything remotely healthy but it was jorge’s birthday. i wanted him to have what he wanted. he hesitated when i offered, i could tell he was very conflicted. he decided he would be drinking an ungodly amount of beer so what’s a few hamburgers?
so due to the never ending beer pong tournament we ended up going through way more beer than hamburgers. this also put a huge dent in our food budget so i decided to cut some corners in meal planning this week. i planned a few acceptable healthy meals but decided to have left over frozen hamburgers one night. “what are we having dinner?” he asks. i follow with a big long explanation preparing him for the hamburger bomb. long silence in return. “aggggg, i’ll make something for myself, don’t worry about it, okay babe?”
“oh my lord, you are so fussy.” the most laid back man in the world is suddenly refusing every man’s favorite. “i’ll get chicken.”
the thing is, if this is the biggest nonsense i have to put up with from this man, i’ll gladly take it (but please don’t tell him- i like to martyr every now and then) . and his profuse apologizing, i am now getting treated to outback this evening. i say score one for me!

2 Responses to “my husband is making me a little crazy…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    miss you sweet pea!
    love, kate

  2. djchuang Says:

    I thought it was by definition that Latinos are hot! 🙂

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