the girl with no name…

October 8, 2005

so here we are, like 10 days from my due date, baby girl at 0 station (and has been for like weeks) and the girl has no name. i mean, there are names floating around in the atmosphere for her but none that feel like “the name”.

i wonder in my heart if we just need to meet first. to see her little face and then somehow i’ll know. truth be told, i REALLY want to name her peace but there is just something about her kicks that tell me she might not be a peace sort of girl, like she might have a little fire in her soul.

and then i remind myself that there is so much of me that is gentle and peaceful but yet i hold that fire deep in my soul too. it is reserved for the most passionate of topics like injustice and unkindness in the world. and the president…

i don’t think it would ever fly with my little family either but i just can’t totally embrace their names. normally, i would have given in by now but i feel baby girl should have a special name. something that expresses all that she already is and everything she will become…

3 Responses to “the girl with no name…”

  1. Cathy Says:

    šŸ™‚ Hard to believe you’re so close already. I’m sure you will be inspired with a name when you see her little face.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thinking of you so much today– are you having that beautiful baby??

    Much love,


  3. jen Says:

    to think pache, that she is named for light and joy! surely that will be what she is to you and to herself!
    love you

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