Dr. McDreamy and nutella….

February 7, 2006

there are 2 things that have been on my mind lately, my husband and nutella. i feel like i’m not getting enough of either these days…and trust me when i get very unlady-like and say, i could eat both all day long! 🙂

i was thinking yesterday that if i were stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life, nutella is something i might possibly never get sick of. i could spread it on damn near everything- leaves, twigs, sand and it would be scrumpt-delio-umptious!

and as for my husband, anyone that has known me for more than say, 10 minutes, knows i can be that annoying junior high girl and talk incessantly about her boyfriend. you know, the one she breaks up with the following week…but this one stuck. i was pondering how at almost 30 if this is even normal? god knows my husband can drive me absolulety crazy, i’m keenly aware of his shit but i really am still dreamy about him. i feel sort of strange about this and i’m not sure why, but oh screw it, here are the things i like about jorgie-

cool things ALWAYS happen to him and when you are with him
he’s fun to drink with
he brings you trashy magazines when you are sick
he makes a mean strawberry/pina colada
he secretly pretends he’s a bartender
he cares about old people
he supports my do-gooding habit- which always stretches us financially
he’s quiet about his own do-gooding
he’s up on all things media and technology- and music and pop culture
he indulges my rants and only sets me straight when absolutley necessary
he blogs- http://3bte.blogspot.com/
he can keep a secret
he’s a great player- kids think of him as a jungle-gym
he cleans up when i go to work- he didn’t always do this
he has kind eyes
he’s hot as HELL!!
he’s a kindred spirit- if i can use a girly word
he loves me deeply….

i miss you my friend… Posted by Picasa

One Response to “Dr. McDreamy and nutella….”

  1. Catherine (pagan_mother) Says:

    Gotta enjoy having a deep, soul-consuming love for your husband. 🙂

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