super powers, broken heads, and other tales…

April 21, 2006

my mother reminds me on a regular basis that i’ll forget all the amazing, funny and endearing things my children say when i am old. it’s hard to imagine but since i forgot that there was a field trip yesterday i’m sure it’s completely possible.
so, in true ginny hammond (my mother) fashion, i promptly went to the grocery store and bought a knife, cute plate, and veggies and assembled my platter (during the red lights) that i signed up to bring. and it looked pretty. this might be the super power passed down to me: bringing resourcefulness and pretty together.

the subject of super powers has been a topic at our house lately. as i was pulling out yet another splinter (our wood floors are awful) from josiah’s foot without even a flinch, this was our conversation:

me: josiah, i think your super power could be bravery. you are very brave.
josiah: yeah, i think you are right, i am brave.
jack: my supah powah is hugging.
josiah and me: YEAH! that is so true jackie boy…

jack has this way of hanging on your neck during the most uninvited moments, but you really can’t argue. it’s pure love… and then he insists on hugging you at least 3 times before you leave to go anywhere and follows you to the door proclaiming his love. “i luv you so buch mama!”
yes, hugging is definitely his super power…

that jackie-boy…we had a funny when he was deciding what to order at a restaurant the other day. i read him the menu and he decided on fish and french fries. he later changed his mind because he was worried the fish would eat his fries…

during a complex game of “attack”- god knows whose bright idea that was, josiah flung a wood puzzle at jack’s head. he later said he thought he would catch it but whatever, jack ended up with a gash on the top of his head. i found jack howling and blood dripping off of his curls. when i finally calmed him down he said he was really scared because his head was “broken”. this lead to a long scientific explanation on scabs and how the body knows just what to do to fix broken heads…

lest you think josiah is a complete animal i should share some of this child’s goodness. i was preparing a hope rock for a friend who happened to be really down. josiah inquired and i explained what was going on.

josiah: is that from you? that rock?
me: yeah
josiah: you can’t do that!
me: do what? why?
josiah: that rock has to be from our whole family mom, that can’t be just from you. our family is about loving people mom! our whole family mom!
me: oh, sorry.
josiah: yeah mom, you have to remember that.
me: do you think that could be our family’s super power? loving people?
josiah: yes, it is, that is DEFINITELY our super power!

2 Responses to “super powers, broken heads, and other tales…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    🙂 I love those stories…

    ~ Simi (I can finally see again– maybe it’s the silly work filter)

  2. chris Says:

    what cool conversations! it almost makes me want some little ones. thanks for sharing. just want to affirm that your family’s superpower is definitely about loving people! keep it up! (now i’m just waiting for you all to show up in cheesy matching uniforms.)

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