10 reasons why jorge is a crazy good papa…

November 1, 2006

1.he plays hours of “wars”- josiah’s made up game that is played on a chinese checker board with marbles, dice, legos and backgammon pieces. the game is that josiah makes up 1000 different rules to directly favor himself…thank god for playful parenting, this process requires the patience of a saint. (jorge does occasionally get his own rule in here and there)

2. he loves halloween and all other holidays that involve excess such as-
(ranked by most favorite)
2.st. patrick’s day (drinking)
3. halloween (candy goodwill).

3. he REALLY wants a pet. he and jack took turns holding shiner (the preschool class guinea pig) this weekend. shiner gets a reprieve from 120 little hands to just the torture of one family on the weekend.

4. he gets pissy when i don’t remind him that it’s pumpkin carving day at school, he would have liked to have gone. the same goes for fieldtrips. (i say- not my job dude!)

5. he loves live music so much he is happy/willing to sit through scareokey at the spooky saturday at school. for just 2 tickets any kid can be tina turner rollin’ down a river…

6. he meets our kids snuggle needs. i never realized how much connecting he does until the last few weeks when he has been enduring knee surgery drama. i watched jack in papa holding withdrawal. the kids were actually giddy the first night he was back in our family bed.

7. he’s up on kid’s television and pop culture. he tivo’s the backyardigans and wonder pets, and doesn’t mind watching and singing for that matter.

8. he sees the potential-he let’s jack take 5 million digital pics half of which are blurred or pictures of lucy’s nostrils.

9. he say’s things like, “niiiiice” and “excellent” to anything you really care about. he asks follow-up questions about kindergarten dynamics and playground drama.

10. he delights fully in our kids, he honors their personalities and stages of growth in their hearts and lives…

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