when kindness rains…

May 3, 2007

i wrecked my truck today…*sigh* this is my second accident in 5 years. i have decided i am a horrible driver. i think i was going the speed limit, i wasn’t talking on my phone, the music wasn’t loud…i think my mind just took me away for just a bit. the return left me creaming into the car in front of me, a lovely infiniti g20, my monster tahoe crushed it. her entire back end was in the back seat, i felt horrible.

there is a bright spot in all of this mangled mess…kindness showed up. she made herself ever present reminding me of all that is important and true. lucy, me and the woman i hit walked away without scratches.
kate, a friend from jack’s preschool was close behind and stopped. lucy went right into her arms and laid her head on her chest. i would have told you she must have been an angel. she gathered lucy and picked up jack, there was no wandering toddler to corral while trying to keep my tears collected in their ducts.

the officer charged me with the lesser charge of following too closely…

officer: maam’, i think you can just get traffic school for this charge, no points on your license.
have you been to driving school before?
me: (head hung) actually yes. like 4-5 years ago
officer: oh, don’t worry, you were a juvenile then so it doesn’t count
me: well, no, i was an adult (with 2 children no doubt) but thank you for saying that.
officer: well come to court and i’ll try to help you okay?
me: thanks alot…

then a woman and her daughter came with cold water for all.
“i’m just glad you all are okay honey!” i must have looked very young today or maybe very pathetic.

and then the big dog showed up. you must know this first: my husband LOVES cars. he treats them like friends, more than just mere objects that get us from point A to point B.
we climb in the car at the end of the ordeal.

me: i just crash all our cars.
him: no babe, just the new ones. (i need this humor, we laugh)
me: no seriously, what if we get sued?
him: what are they gonna take, we have no money and besides,
are they gonna take you away?
him: are they gonna take josiah, jack or lucy away?
him: what do we need to be happy?
me: (crying now) each other?
him: we have everything we need to be happy babe, it’s okay…it’s okay

me: our crazy love makin’ fest is over now huh…
him: nah, you just have a big debt to make up for now.

jorge took the rest of the day off during the busiest week of his entire year to take care of all the details- call the wrecker and insurance, rent me a car, finish my errands…

this is what it is like when kindness rains on a overcast day…

6 Responses to “when kindness rains…”

  1. Ann Says:

    YIKES! I am sooooo glad that you and Lucy are okay!! I’m glad Kate was there too … The goodness you spread out there comes back to you again my friend!

  2. Marel Lecone Says:

    Glad that you guys are ok too. Jorge is so great too. It’ll all be ok.

  3. clayb Says:

    So sorry to hear about the accident, glad everybody’s okay. I have found that toddler’s are not conducive to efficient driving, not that I’m trying to blame it on the baby or anything…

  4. clayb Says:

    you know, cause you’re tired all the time(?)

  5. patience Says:

    i hear ya clay… i think all opportunities to pass the buck to small children should ALWAYS be taken. God knows they will be blaming it on teething.

  6. Jessamyn Says:

    oh! so glad you are all safe and sound. and thank greatness for kindness and rockstar husbands!

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