proper tree worship…

October 23, 2007


it is the holy season of trees. it is the time when nature teaches us how to live. she shows us in the prettiest ways, calling for us to follow her to the path of winter. maybe she knows we wouldn’t come if it was any less spectacular. her leaves gave us shade when we needed it most and now is so beautifully making space for how the new season will serve us best. we must shed all that keeps our grounding from feeling the warmth of the sun, especially during the deep cold of the winter.

i must admit, i feel partial to the leaves, wishing they could stay in the red, orange and yellow hues and never have to go.

4 Responses to “proper tree worship…”

  1. kate Says:

    that’s AMAZING…..sometimes i forget here in the sunshine state that trees do that elsewhere. you SHOULD worship them. perhaps a ceremony of sorts would be nice.

  2. kindnessgirl Says:

    i’ve resorted to just hugging them…jack and i actually hugged this particular tree in the picture but i was too embarrassed to put it up.

    can’t wait till the white christmas with you kate!

  3. jorgie Says:

    i think it’s awesome that you lo0ve this……. i do too….

    i miss you guys like crazy

  4. kelly Says:

    dear pache,

    i have a pouty face on because i really need a dose of kindness girl–post! post! post! btw, is this not the most beautiful day in the history of the world??! holy mackerel, this is why i just loooooong for fall all year–it’s the best, most scrumptuous time of year! oh the trees and their gorgeous, dying leaves….

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