November 28, 2007

Jack (4) and Josiah (7) are in the other room building robots for the Christmas altar. I know, it doesn’t exactly work next to Mary and the donkey but robots are seriously meaningful around here these days.

Jack: Josiah! You speak robot?

Josiah: yeah…

Jack: I did not know that about you, I speak puppy. and sometimes hamster.

Josiah: wow!

4 Responses to “overheard…”

  1. I love overhearing what kids say. I’m nosey that way.


  2. hannah Says:

    okay, blog hopping and found your site.
    This completely reminds me for some reason of this little girl Christina my mom used to baby sit. One Christmas, when she was about 4, she was naming all the manger people for my mom. Shepherds, donkey, sheep, Mary, Jesus… and Gomer. No idea where the child got Gomer, but now Joseph is permanently Gomer in my parents house.

  3. Lara Says:

    Windsor told me about your site and I love to read it when I have a minute and need to smile. This exchange between your two boys made me laugh out loud in the middle of work. Thanks for making my day!

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