tiny christmas miracles…

December 17, 2007

1. The post office almost seemed like Cheers today. Sam, the postal worker, was chatting with various regulars. He told me how to package differently to save a few dollars and graciously waited while I repacked an entire box.

Older gentlemen and grandmothers smiled at babies in car seats while harried mothers put packages together during the long wait in the line. Lucy sang Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs while I promised Jack this would be the last trip for a long time. This small hope got him through.

I just like the feel of cardboard packages and envelopes in my hand. Someone dear will get to open a tiny treasure soon. The surprise kind are the best.

2. Gracie the dog came to spend a few nights with us while her family is away. She wants to cuddle like a cat, all 95lbs. of her but she’s gentle like a dear old girl. She could possibly be the nicest dog I have EVER met in my ENTIRE life. The kids are beside themselves- all the kids, in the whole neighborhood. It was the best Christmas treat.

3. There has been a fire in my fireplace almost every other night. You might remember from this how long I have been waiting for the fire miracle.

4. The Christmas altar is a little bare or maybe just simple this year. Jack came to me one day and held up a lego creation he had made.

“Mom, do you know why I made this Lego?”

“No buddy, why?”

“Because I want Chlistmas (christmas) to be special, you can put this on our altar if you want.”

I went out later and came home to about 8 more tiny creations on the mantle. Candles and legos, maybe that’s all you need.

5. A Julie Andrews Christmas- I’ve been torturing my family by making them listen to various artist’s versions of Christmas music ALL the time. Yesterday it was Julie Andrews…We needed the grandeur only Julie can bring while spinning on the top of some mountain in Austria. During my best falcetto impersonation of Ms. Andrews on the way to school Josiah said,

J:” Mom, do you know what you should do?”


J:”You should join a singing contest mom!”

Jack: ” You really should mom, I think you could win!”

Me and Julie, here we come American Idol…

6. Fairy Godmothers have been visiting me with gifts of fruit on the steps at my back door, neighbors who offer to babysit at the last moment before crisis, massages and friendships forged by tears over breakfast.

It’s Christmas Kindness…

7. Kindness work- the kindness calls have been coming in pretty regularly lately. So many stories, lots of hope floating around even in the darkest moments. Peace on earth, goodwill to men…

Christmas is hard, I hope tiny miracles cross your path this season…feel free to share any in the comments.

3 Responses to “tiny christmas miracles…”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hello, Kindness Girl.

    I loved reading every Cheerful story you shared in your post, but especially found the lego altar endearing.

    My own Advent/Christmas miracles have been moments of personal insight and connection with friends and family.

    I’ll pick just one day, yesterday, and share the gifts/miracles it gave me:

    – responses of surprise, delight and gratitude when I gave boxes of chocolated covered “human-treats” to people who have been kind, hospitable and generous to my dog; I got the best bear-hug from one special friend.

    – that bear-hug and later the “God Bless You” from the bell-ringer at the Salvation Army Kettle kept me warm all day.

    – during my evening walk, viewing the multi-coloured Christmas lights adorning the building cranes in the many construction zones throughout my city. At street level, these areas are ugly, messy and noisy during the day but the cranes become glowing, silent, quite lovely beacons of the night.

    – talking to my mom (in her 70s) and realizing she goes to more Christmas parties than I do! I’m so grateful for her health and vitality.

  2. kristen Says:

    kindness girl- I do love you!! how your thoughts bring a smile to my day!

    little christmas miracles:
    sitting in the pew at church yesterday afternoon with the wee ones while watching the big boy sing in the choir of angels. … My littlest angel was standing on my legs to see and her brother had his arms wrapped around my neck when she suddenly spread her arms out wide like the angel Gabriel on stage… “angel arms, Mommy!”

  3. Mercy Says:

    I am STILL speechless…

    I can not tell you enough how deeply grateful and extremely excited I was to receive a soulsister package. I wanted this really bad because I’ve needed the encouragement and as much as I visit your website and jen’s, what I learn from your lives is so encouraging and the art you both share from your heart is very uplifting. All that to say… thank you for my tiny miracle. I cried when I got the package. My sister was there when I opened it. My days have been very humbug! until this package yesterday. It’s like I experienced a great Christmas surprise that only God knew my secret longing for it. It was soooo cool… and I have no words to thank you.

    From my heart … Merry Christmas Pache! To you, and Jen, and Jorge, and Dave, and the kids, the Hammonds, the Lemens, and your whole extended family…

    I’m sending the biggest hug your way via this comment. 🙂

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