Kindness girl does LA…

January 15, 2008

I spent the weekend traveling by myself, the myself part being important as I can’t remember the last time I walked through an airport without a baby on my hip or carrying 2 more bags than my body wanted.


I always prefer to travel with my family because the morbid side of me always outweighs the logical/sane part. We’ve only flown together as a unit so we can all die together should we happen to go down in a fiery blaze. Thankfully I arrived home safely, no plunging to death for me today.


My trip took me to LA to help my sister debut her fabulous t-shirt line at a Golden Globes Celebrity Swag Party called the Boom Boom Baby Room. LA was not ready for her, she definitely mixed up and made a splash.

The hotel was amazing and sleek. The penthouse and 18th floor squared off with security men dressed in black suits and little ear pieces. I prepared by getting highlights, push-up bras and rock star clothes. I felt glamorous but the simple girl in me is far from LA.


The vendors were like hungry lions pacing for the prey. The set-up was like peeing on your territory, everyone vying for the best spot and view. There was a mild desperation in the room, but this can only come from weeks of all nighters like the college days, except there is no sleeping till noon.

They are mothers, entrepreneurs and business women hoping to delight someone with their idea, be the hot new swag on the block, get discovered. I mean, Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream?


We used the magic our mother taught us on the territorial feel in the room. We started helping the other vendors, offered words of support and encouragement, basically we won the Miss Congeniality award. The best part is the magic works every time and the vibe in the room was completely turned on it side, we became the party room.


The magazines, tv people and stars started trickling in. They carried bags and bags of free stuff, more things than you can even imagine. $11,000 worth.

They look more regular with their kids by their sides or in strollers except this is anything but normal. It’s a weird exchange of giving yourself, sometimes even your kid for well, stuff. The kids look tired and ask to not take any more pictures. The parents look weathered, like the end of the day after Christmas shopping in the craziest mall in town. The parents promise to go home but still have to be so “on”. Some are gracious, some are rude.


The vendors are overly personal and persistent, asking for pictures and endorsements. They constantly measure who is “somebody” and who is a “nobody”. It’s all part of the exchange, both parties signed on.

I watch my sister from the corner of the room.

There are hardly any pictures taken with her, she forgets to ask for business cards, she gets lost in real conversations of parenting, she loads their arms with t-shirts hoping they get the one they like the best. She doesn’t know who anyone is, she has made no judgment as to who is worthy of what. I am so proud. Her heart is like a little light, she is magic.

Even still, I found myself standing barefoot in front the the Pacific ocean and weeping. I guess I was wishing it could be another way. Wishing that kindness could be the currency that each human exchanges…



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