highs and lows…

January 20, 2008

inspired by these cool people


1. reveling in a new writing project with a great partner while drinking the best chai latte of my life

2. meeting a complete stranger who listens to your personal crisis of the moment and asks the question, “so what are you going to do, are ya gonna step up or step aside?”

3. snow- even if it doesn’t stick. lucy’s delight is enough…


1. a dear friend experiencing deep grief in her heart.

2. feeling exhausted from trying to sort out my entire life in a day

3. one late nap which means a late bedtime for a busy little girl

highs and lows anyone else?

4 Responses to “highs and lows…”

  1. Amy Says:

    today’s highs:

    1. soaking up every bit of warmth possible by the woodstove.

    2. linking arms with my husband and having him reach over with his other hand to caress mine.

    3. letting go of judgement, asking for forgiveness and praying for the removal of the “plank” from my own eye.

    today’s lows:

    1. stinging cold wind.

    2. uncomfortable shoes.

  2. Sandie Says:

    1. getting a meal from jen, complete with tiramisu for dessert

    2. being alone with my husband, while the kids watched “Cinderella”

    3. realizing my mom might actually have more time than i thought

    4. being able to deliver a bag full of dvds to a blogger friend who’s preparing for a double mastectomy

    5. driving my brand-new minivan

    1. getting teary-eyed talking about my need for my mom to meet know and meet baby

    2. realizing it might be too cold tomorrow to attend the semi-outdoor mlk celebration

  3. kelly Says:


    1.starting a brand-new writing project in a steamy coffee shop on a comfy couch in the heart of Carytown with a friend who’s fun to write with and who’s a. waaay funny, b. prone to crying, even more than I am (this is such an awesome discovery, I can’t even tell you), and c. likes to talk to strangers (this is so foreign to me–I was so shy as a girl that I often could not even bring myself to order my own milk in restaurants)!

    2.making an escape plan (the good kind–I’m not leaving my family or anything) to do work I love that will allow me to spend more time with my family.

    3.I’ve decided that it’s probably time to start my own blog. (“Yipee,” she says in a whisper)

    4.I got Friday and today off from work and took my child to daycare both days so I can do some things for ME!!!


    1.I’m in quite a bit of debt in addition to all our living expenses, and have realized that my paycheck is spent before I even get it. The odds are remote of having a pile of money fall out of the sky, like in that adorable movie, “Millions” (don’t you love that movie?), but I still hold out hope.

    2.Yeast infections. Need I say more?

  4. melissa Says:

    * ina garten’s boeuf bourguignon. there are no words sufficient enough to describe the glory.
    * having a warm, safe place to live despite the vicious, bitter cold outside.
    * making the executive decision that resting up for a big workweek ahead was more important than getting up to go the gym, and thus, sleeping in for a glorious four extra hours instead of waking up at 5am.

    * a stupid, petty argument with The Hubs.
    * having to keep a significant secret for a loved one, from other loved ones, about some Very Big News That Cannot Be Revealed Yet.
    * working alllllll weekend long after working late evvvvvvery night last week and working from home today even though our office is closed. blech.

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