please remind me…

January 23, 2008

please remind me in 10 years about these conversations with Jack:

I made a lovely cheesecake for Jack’s birthday the other day, only it was like 2 weeks late.

Me: I’m so sorry Jackie-boy  it took me so long to make your birthday cake.

Jack: It’s okay mom.

Josiah: Mom, you said you were gonna make it and you did.

Me: Thanks guys…

Jack: We always forgive mom.

Our 5 year old neighbor came in singing “We’re not gonna take it…”. There’s nothin’ like a little Twisted Sister on a Wednesday afternoon.  I started singing as we were making cookies together.

Jack: What is that song about?

Me: I think it’s about some kids that got sick of their parents. They just couldn’t take it anymore. Do you think that could ever happen to us?

Jack: No, we’re a team mom.


He was weepy before bedtime because he couldn’t find the birthday card my mom and dad sent him. He had it tucked in between the grate and the mattress of the upper bunk. The treasured card replaced an old dream catcher we made together he had hanging in that spot. He said he didn’t need it anymore because the card meant his marmie and opa were close.

This child *sigh*….

One Response to “please remind me…”

  1. Ragamama Says:

    Your boys are so deep and so sweet. Were they born that way? Is it a boy thing or an age thing? My girls are wild, like your girl is wild. Wild and wonderful. But wild none the less.

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