a lot of love in her heart….

February 1, 2008


our girl at age one

She is undeniably and unregrettably two. Her days are spent sauntering in princess high heels. She walks, sometimes even runs, with such ease. The heels being a grandparent gift of course, the tackier and princessier, the better. They are 2 sizes too big and 2 inches too tall.

Her charm and deep brown eyes render the men (and women) around her virtually powerless. Delight and joy follow her almost every where she goes. She radiates and expresses her love and gratefulness. It is self-confidence and independence combined with a sweet spirit that make her so alluring, it is this magic I study.

Puppies, dora, chocolate and long baths are her top priorities. If you suggest she is not allowed to have any one of these things, she responds in her best Scarlet O’Hara, “but WWWWHHHHYYYYY mama, why?” which is followed by an actual boo-hoo and huge quivering lower lip.

I am forever amazed by the patience the men in her life have with the occasional drama her development requires at this stage in her life.

I foolishly let Lucy and Jack play with a box full of packing peanuts yesterday. This childhood bliss covered the entire floor of our living room. Jack jumped right in with clean up efforts while Lucy couldn’t be bothered. After several invitations, strong suggesting, demanding, and mild yelling, she still had no intention of cleaning. My frustration lead to planting her firmly on the step followed by a speech about participating in a family that helps each other. I tell her that besides cleaning , she absolutely must apologize to Jackie for doing all her work. She immediately started wailing.

Jack calmly walked over and sat beside her.

“Lucy, I know you have a lot of love in your heart. It’s okay.” this is the boy who can always see the truest part of you. he pats her back…

she continues to bawl…

“Mom, I think she is ready to apologize to you.” he looks at Lucy, who obviously is not ready to apologize to anyone.

“Can I apologize for Lucy mom?”

I thank Jack for his kindness and politely refuse.

“I sorry Jackie.” she says quietly. She picks up one peanut.

“Mom, Lucy is trying to make amends.” he points out.

“Okay, I make a-mess.” she agrees. “I sorry mama.”

“I think we need a group hug.” Jack suggests.

“Thanks Jackie.” she says.

5 Responses to “a lot of love in her heart….”

  1. kate Says:

    i so cried. this was the sweetest story EVAH.

  2. Sarah Says:

    OMG, melt! What sweet, sweet children you are raising!

  3. Amy Says:

    sweet and a little feisty–a heart-melting combination. that picture is one for the books–precious.

  4. Tina Says:

    Oh, that was the best! It makes me want another just to see if I’d get a pair like that.

  5. yasmine Says:

    oh, my goodness, what love!
    jack and lucy sound adorablicious! =)

    how old is jack? i’m still blown away by the fact that he said ‘amends.’
    HIGHFIVE to both of them – and especially to jack for his wisdom and patience. =)

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