love will find a way…

March 15, 2008

the title is for you old amy grant fans…

A sore throat, fever and a test of love kept us from our kindness adventures today. We had a grand day planned- guerrilla goodness and then we were off to celebrate Lucy Goode Brooks at a local event held in her honor.

Lucy was born into slavery to an African American woman and a white man who we don’t know much about. Lucy’s owner allowed her to marry another slave, Albert Brooks. She learned to read and soon taught Albert. This skill which was scarce among her peers and proved to be very valuable through out her life.

She tried desperately to keep her family together, so many families had been torn apart. She managed to keep 3 children with her and the others to places and people she knew. Her oldest daughter, Margaret Anne was sold after an owner changed his mind on a pledge he had made to Lucy. Her girl was gone to Tennessee, she was devastated. She later received word that Margaret had died.

The war ended, Albert was able to purchase their freedom from their owner. Lucy, the head of her sewing circle had an idea. She gathered her friends and approached the Quakers for help. She wanted to start an orphanage for slave children who had been displaced by slavery and war. This former slave and her friends convinced the city to deed her land in the JacksonWard area to care for those left and alone. The Friends’ Asylum for Colored Orphans was opened in 1872.

Although it has changed over time, this organization still operates today, 136 years later. The Friends Association serves the community by providing services and resources to families, a way to uncover all the potential inside, and a firm but loving guide to finding a healthy and successful path for over 4000.

I hold Lucy’s story very close to my heart. I picture her feisty and strong, an advocate during a time when she was not even considered or treated as a human being. I think of the partnership she must have had with Albert. Her struggle and resolve…Her strength has shown me that love will always find a way.

Love is an admirer of tenacity and a keeper of hope, it sees right through the dark all around, it is the place where truth and goodness meet. The struggle is sometimes great, which is the best time for love to prove herself. I have been called to hold this faith very close and very tight this weekend. Every time I start to lose my grip, love has pulled me tighter, reminding me of the strength and my TRUST in the way home…

you are my home

for j

to learn more about Lucy and the bracelet telling her story and honoring her life go to

3 Responses to “love will find a way…”

  1. Jenna Says:


    Just got caught up with you here. We missed you today and knew it was a place you would have been if you could. It was your kind of day and so full of hope and love. Beside Lucy, Julie was the woman of the year…I was so proud of her. I know you would have been too.

    Thanks for your story today. It honors her in such a wonderful way.

    I am so lucky to have my circle of friends. I am so glad you are such an integral part of that circle.

    Miss you alot and need to see you soon.

    Love you,


    PS Even Kira, on the way, asked if you all would be there. She said she HAD to see Josiah and Jack and Lucy soon!

    I must agree!

  2. Sarah Says:

    is this who your Lucy is named for?
    We went to Booker T Washington national park this weekend, but Ruby was not as impressed with the history of the place as she was with the hill she could roll down! Oh well. All in good time.

  3. marcy Says:

    I love the ” love is an admirer of tenacity….” it speaks to my heart today

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