the sandwich of my life…

August 23, 2008

the portobella and mozzarella panini

I hopped in the car after picking up a really late lunch, I was so hungry and had been thinking about this food all day…longing for it actually.

“Please remind me there are small children in Africa starving right now!” I said to Jorge.

J: Yes, a lot of them…

P: Yes, yes there are and please help me come to that conclusion after I tell you my bad news. (disclaimer: there was NO kindness in my heart during this conversation)

J: Sure, no problem, what happened?

P: They were out of my sandwich!

J: Oh no… (he knows my disappointment)

P: NO, it gets worse…they are CANCELLING my sandwich, as in taking it off the menu- it will be gone in 2 weeks. You don’t understand babe, that is the sandwich of my life. I was going to eat that after I gave birth, it was all planned- that and a cup of veggie soup. I can’t give birth in 2 weeks.

(now mind you, my family had been doing crisis for 12 weeks now and I have barely even thought about being pregnant much less giving birth but I KNOW what I’ll be eating after.)

I know that sandwich is a little suburbia for such a city girl but I just can’t imagine what could possibly take it’s place, you know? It’s been my go-to, MY sandwich, there are like only two of those on the entire planet for me?

AND then they refused to take off the meat in my next choice and there was no sweet tea…it was bad I tell ya…

J: I’m SO sorry!

P: I KNOW right? but there are people starving somewhere and this is the biggest problem I have in this very moment? I’m such a loser.

J: It’s okay…

P: thanks…*sigh*

Fast forward to yesterday when we FINALLY (after years of saying we need to go) went to this hole in the wall little joint here in Richmond. I had completely filed away my sandwich debacle into pure disappointment and was not even looking for hope.

I ordered the Smoked gouda with caramelized onions and sliced tomatoes…when it came the bread was shaped like a heart. I showed Jorge…

“Look at this!” The universe was sending me pretty.

I tasted it…”oh my gosh, you HAVE to try this.”

J: Wow!


J: This sandwich totally kicks the other sandwich’s ass! I think you found a new sandwich babe….

P: Yes, yes I have AND it’s so pretty AND local…all things that are important to me and in line with my sandwich values, you know? Will you bring this to me after I have the baby?

J: Absolutely! NO problem…

Crisis averted, I have a new love, the new sandwich of my life…

come on…what is the sandwich of your life, I know you have one?

10 Responses to “the sandwich of my life…”

  1. Anne S Says:

    oh, and now you’ve made me so hungry. A heart sandwich, fabulous. And it’s just all relative isn’t it. . .

  2. kate Says:

    mine is a bagel – everything bagel, double toasted, double chive cream cheese, 4 tomatoes, salt and pepper, heated.

    when i call my local eatery to place the order, all i have to ask for “my bagel”.


  3. YMGH Says:

    Mine is the Einstein bros Veggie something or other…hmmmm but your new one sounds GREAT!!

  4. patty craft Says:

    sadly, i realize, that in my effort to dump twenty pounds gained last year due to a health crisis, I’ve given up bread (mostly) and, therefore, sandwiches. But when I used to be a regular sandwich eater, my favorite was a roast beef and hard-boiled egg on wheat bread with mayo, lettuce and tomato.
    Dang … this IS making me hungry.

    So happy to know you’ve got that yummy,heart-shaped sandwich waiting for you to celebrate the birth of the newest member of your family!

  5. Kristin Says:

    Ipanema IS good, but have you had the “Pesto Jack Melt” at Kuba Kuba with some fried platains and a lime aid? If the baby is still hungry, how about a slice of chocolate tres leche cake afterwards?? Hmm? Hungry?

  6. Melissa Says:

    Oh, girlfriend, do I feel you on that one…though my discontinued item of choice was a smoothie. Thankfully they still make it for me. Orange Berry Blitz…yummmm. I do have a sandwich that I love, though – it’s the “World’s Greatest Sandwich” as made by my dad and pilfered from the movie “Spanglish”. Oh, so good.

  7. Pam Connolly Says:

    My favorite sandwich is Amato’s “Real Italian”. It starts with freshly baked bread and is layered with meat, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, spicy pickles, Greek olives, onions, a specially blended oil and salt and pepper. Amato’s is in Maine and there is nothing like sitting overlooking the rocky coast of Maine with a wonderfully fresh sandwich and my beautiful family.
    By the way, my sister’s photography is up at Ipenema this month. Glad you went there. Pam

  8. Ann Says:

    The sandwich of my life is a gyro from a little place a couple miles away. It’s run by a Greek family, and they also have spanakopita (spinach pie) which is not a sandwich, but which I also love.

    At home, my comfort sandwich is cream cheese and seedless blackberry jam on whole wheat bread.

    If you asked my friend Vi, she’d tell you that a brown sugar sandwich with plenty of margarine was her sandwichy true love. *giggle* She’s fed me some of them, but I will not drink her favorite beverage; a concoction of milk and pepsi. *shudder*

  9. Maggi Says:

    While I don’t indulge often enough, I’m awfully fond of the veggie reuben at Table 9. Must request extra napkins with that one!

  10. Heather Says:

    I went through the same crisis at Panera. They have a very poor selection of vegetarian sandwiches. My new fav there is the tomato and mozz on ciabatta. It’s good, but it can’t compare to the portabello and mozz.

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