lucylicious and origami love…

September 13, 2008

I went out with a dear friend the other night and returned home to a peaceful sleeping family. This is good right? It means that Jorge did all the nightly parenting things like homework, dinner, baths, books and bed. Ummm…not so much. I woke up at 6am to a very restless Lucy who promptly threw up 6 pieces of Bubble Yum gum.

“My scumach hurts mama!” she said.

Yes, that’s right, SIX…and 3 more an hour later. I have to say Bubble Yum has to be the most delicious of sugary gums and really, who can resist? even if the pieces are the size of bricks and take up your entire mouth.

The boys- no bath, dinner sounded very sketchy and Josiah completely forgot homework existed.

What were they all doing? Lucy obviously had the most fun and got the worst indulgence hangover.

Jorge and the boys had a free for all but mostly they were engrossed in computers- the boys playing on one while Jorge was fixing a friend’s- and making these cool creations…

Check it out, it’s all about the origami love over here:

Jorge and Josiah have been working on lots of Bug-a-gami.

the octopus

the frog

the snake

the snail

So after the bubbalicious vomit passed, kids made it to school and the being royally annoyed at Jorge wore off, I have to admit these are VERY cool. I guess an ungodly amount of bubble gum, an absent mother, some good paper and a broken computer are all you need to get a party going…

* one tiny bit of truth I should probably mention- jorge has done all night-time parenting this week while i go out or lay in bed and continue to grow scarily larger and more pregnant.

One Response to “lucylicious and origami love…”

  1. Jess Says:

    Nomination for best phrase ever: “bubbalicious vomit.”

    What a night/morning! I’m loving that origami.

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