guerrilla goodness 7 prep…

November 20, 2008

Things you need to take on GG 7: We’re LUCKY to have you! with 2 kindness girls and 6 kids…


1. A fabulous shiny silver clutch made from recycled candy wrappers.

2. The mack daddy SUV complete with Bob the Builder video.

3. A pit stop at Chick-fil-a with play place time and a refusal to eat anything but waffle fries.

4. Illegal apple juice stealing by a cute baby.


5. The prettiest and brightest thank you cards.

6. The ability to nurse and do anything at all times.

7. To admit you never write thank you notes, not even after your wedding.

8. A baby smile.


9. The belief that Kindness Changes Everything.

10. A fellow kindness girl from another city that sends a note of encouragement and funds to back the project. We wish she was here to do it with us.

11. A dear friend to read your notes to and anticipate how awesome it’s going to be.

12. The inspiration only a good blue pen and an old dining room table can bring.

Check back tomorrow to read all about GG7, the thankless, gettin’ lucky, and random kindness.

4 Responses to “guerrilla goodness 7 prep…”

  1. kristen Says:

    I saw you and the other cute mom heading in the chick-a-la! We were in the drive thro. – CAN’t wait to hear the rest!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I love the idea of GG. And I’m loving your blog. Especially the pics…where/how do you do the collage pics cuz I covet them.

  3. […] guerrilla goodness: we’re lucky to have you part 1 […]

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