guerrilla goodness 8: miami love in technicolor

January 9, 2009


Cuban food, aye mija, extreme beauty, pretty boys you can smell coming down the hall, kisses cheek to cheek…miami will always hold a deep place in my heart because it was my home for so many years. So many crazy and wonderful things happened there…We went back for Christmas and I was hoping to do a little GG on South Beach while the wind blew through my hair and the sun shone on my face…no such luck. My GG plans were completely foiled by what Jorge called, “THE SICKNESS”. It was truly amazing how every child got incredibly ill…No club hopping and sitting on the beach with our feet in the sand at night for us.

So I scratched these little technicolor cards on the 20 hour car ride down (another fun story) and never got to blissfully distribute them on people’s cars, on the beach, restaurants,  bars, park benches…here’s where you come in Miami readers. Do YOU want to do it? It’ll be so much fun!  Take pictures (or not), write me and tell me about your GG experience.

I will send the first south florida KG reader to e-mail me ( the technicolor goodness/love cards for Miami and I’ll throw in a couple more for you to add your own words/advice for the bright city.

ready, set, go!



5 Responses to “guerrilla goodness 8: miami love in technicolor”

  1. Andrea Says:

    That made me smile… having lived in Miami for as long as I did – to see the card that read “you are more than your car”… that’s just so Miami! Love it, love Miami!

  2. jeroldssis Says:

    Those are gorgeous cards! How did you get them multi-colored like that? Do share!

  3. YMGH Says:

    Do you sell them…I’d like some

  4. kindnessgirl Says:

    okay js….here is a link to the magic scratch art paper you can buy to make your own tecnicolor love/advice notes-

    you can find the paper at most arts and craft stores. I bought mine in post-it note size for my kids to have something to do on the 20hour car ride but I ended up using most of them myself. 🙂

    hope that helps…

    can i just also say your photography is so ROCKING these days? so good….

  5. […] guerrilla goodness:miami love in technicolor […]

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