that thing you do…

January 18, 2009


what one thing makes you happy? something YOU do. you are yourself when you do it, you feel happy after, you think about it in daydream fashion, it could be pure play, fun, or even a bit scary. it makes you feel alive…

 you know what I’m talking about. or maybe you forgot because it’s been so long. here’s the thing- even if you’ve decided it costs too much or is too hard or not that important, or you’re tired or somehow living life has stepped into your path, you need to do it. you will never be you if you don’t.

no more excuses, start small, start now, just do…today is the day.

today is a happy day.


brave readers: tell me your thing in the comments…

13 Responses to “that thing you do…”

  1. Midwifery
    Playing in the ocean

  2. Amber Says:

    I haven’t been swimming in forever. Sure, I’ve carried children around in the water, but I haven’t gone actually swimming. I realize that I miss it.

  3. kelly Says:



    the lady in my head-ing

  4. kelly Says:


  5. Amy Says:

    don’t think I’ve been once in my 8 years as a mom.

  6. Valerie Says:

    When I turn a phrase “just so.” On the now-rare occasion that it happens, it’s as if the real me is saying “I’m still here!”

    Thanks for this, friend.

  7. nyjlm Says:


    crafting/creating/sewing/picture taking (jill of many trades lol)

    helping mothers with breastfeeding


    funny I should read this right now- took part in Jen Louden’s Virtual Retreat this weekend, and while I’ve gleaned so much from the whole thing, one speaker in particular talked about doing that thing that makes you you, makes your face light up.

  8. teebee Says:


    i haven’t sewn in ages..i allowed life to get in the way. but today was the day to start pushing “life” aside – i searched for the box of my grandpa’s old ties and started cutting and pinning them together. by april, before her vision is gone for good, on my gramma’s 84th birthday, she will get the quilt she hinted about when she gave me his ties 2 years ago. nothing is more important right now than for my gramma to be wrapped in grandpa’s warmth again.

    thank you for this reminder not to lose ourselves 🙂

  9. Mariella Says:

    Dancing. Thanks for the reminder…I so needed it! xoxo, ~ M.

  10. Jess Says:

    making pictures
    hiking (which I almost never do any more and really should!)

  11. Eleanor Says:

    i’m not sure…but now that you’ve asked, I’ll be thinking about it, and me. Thank you for that.

  12. Melissa Says:

    Bubble baths
    Long walks

  13. Emily Says:

    cut and paste


    hrm… is it any wonder I’m a kindergarten teacher? Our friend Kristen C. turned me on to your blog, I’m totally in love. Thanks so much! -e

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