the joy of dreams and pretend…

March 25, 2009


Growing up, my school sold magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser ever year. I can remember being so excited and not for the super cool whistle you could win if you sold 57,000 subscriptions. I hated selling anything and I’m pretty sure my mom hated it more. I was more excited about the triplicate forms and tiny stamp-like cut outs they sent home in the packet. These meant hours and hours of playing office. It all felt so official and important. I still love office and school supplies…go figure.

I’ve been thinking about the power of pretend lately. It’s a way to try our dreams on. I find myself pretending during the more mundane tasks of everyday life. Lately when I do the dishes, I pretend I’m greeting the guests walking through the door of the gallery showing of my birth photography. The room has soft light like my kitchen, the pictures are so big, so raw and powerful. I’m wearing something lovely that  has a gentle quality reflecting how I feel inside. I have a warm smile on my face and am overwhelmed and humbled by my experiences and the joy of getting to share it all. There are berries, lots of berries, and lemonade, and chocolate. Everyone has an amazing time looking at love and joy and power…

Who knows if it’s just pretend or dreaming, but it has become blurred somehow. What if we try on our dreams over and over again to gather the courage for them to actually happen? What if we decide to believe in pretend? It all feels so child like and beautiful.  I’m willing to keep trying and happy to wash lots of dishes in the mean time.

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