it shines for you…

April 25, 2009


Every time I see a particularly beautiful moon, I think of my friend Christa. She loves the moon, she knows it like an old friend and I am convinced it shines for her. Live music was created for my husband Jorge, his soul is revived by the sounds mixing together in the air. It’s pure joy to watch, let me tell you.

And right now, I can FEEL the earth growing the berries for me to pick. Did you know they grow for me …for me?! and I couldn’t feel more grateful.

and the ocean exists for my dad, and the sun shines for Anne, and on and on…

What breathes, lives, grows for you? I’d love to know…

15 Responses to “it shines for you…”

  1. Amber Says:

    The mountains are for me. The tall, strong mountains. I feel exposed in flat places, where there are no mountains.

  2. Gina Says:

    peonies bloom for me
    the ocean laps the shores for me

  3. jane Says:

    The ocean is my mother, and rocks me to sleep, soothes my weary soul, and reminds me that I am a small part of something so much bigger than myself.

    California is my father, loving me from a distance, saving my place, letting me know that I am free to roam, but will always have a home.

  4. Carol Says:

    The wind in the evergreens when we go camping in the mountains whispers me to sleep. Me.

  5. kelly Says:

    yesterday jay was raking in the front yard and he came across pumpkin seeds that had just sprouted where we’d tossed our old halloween pumpkin. a pumpkin patch. just for me!

    oh, and the smell of rain…just for me.

  6. christa Says:

    the full moon during the day, a moonlit walk, the pull of the tides, waxing, waning, werewolves howling at the moon, all of the romance associated with the moon, looking at the moon at the same time as someone else separated by the miles, looking out of the window in a car, as a child, and thinking that the moon was following just me, babies born on full moons, the man in the moon and seeing him, crescent moons, the moon is important….and shines just for me. xo and xo.

  7. Nan Says:

    The smell of tall pines in the warm breeze – just for me.
    Smooth rocks that have been worn away by sand, water and time have been making there way to me.

  8. Chris Adam Says:

    The dry air on the plateau of central British Columbia cleanses me. The loons on the lake echo through me. I am home.

  9. Jess Says:

    Ripe peaches ready to be picked in an orchard next to the sea hang on the tree, just for me.

    Tide pools where the otters swim are waiting for me to return, to show me their treasures. After they do I will walk to the lagoon that I discovered. Someday I will be the first human to explore the tidal cave there.

  10. mysticaljett Says:

    sunsets on the beach and weeping willow trees.

  11. tina Says:

    the animals – they all play for me, they all talk to me, and they always, always make me laugh

  12. Kaylee Says:

    The color green exists for me!
    I practically drink it in every Spring…feeling it bring life to my very being. It washes away all the grey and stillness from winter…and everything begins to jump and dance and sing. **sigh** Such relief…

    {found your blog somehow. i like it 🙂 }

  13. Kristin Says:

    I think you wrote this post for me on our 11 yr. anniversary!

    My family all cuddles together in our bed just for me – the intoxicating smell of baby hair, gorgeous eyes staring into mine, little feet entwined, giggles, home spun stories and utter contentment.

  14. Katie S Says:

    The wind that blows right before a big storm is for me. The one that smells like rain, and promises something bigger than any human could control. . . it’s mine. Because I can almost here God whispering he willl keep me safe through this one, too. Just like he always has.

  15. Kelly Says:

    what a gorgeous post.

    for me…for me the orange blossoms bloom and fill the air with an intoxicating aroma every April. And the breeze is for me. Its rare here and the air is usually very still. But when the breeze stirs, its for me…it knows I want to turn my face into it and close my eyes and breathe deep. and summer midnights are for me too. I know, I’m greedy. But I love to go outside (any time of year really but I hate the summer except late at night) in the summer and listen to the silence and look at my neighbors’ houses while they all sleep. Its like its just me and God in my driveway remembering the trivial events of the day and the hopes for tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing the berries and the ocean with me too, friends. Part of my heart lives at the beach while the rest of me is stuck here in the desert.

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