George, the farm and living your values…

June 10, 2009

american flatbread mosaic

My photography allowed me to be barefoot in the greenest grass that is the pure nature bliss of Vermont last week. Some dear friends hired me to photograph a birthday celebration. The farm was beautiful, the food was insane, the nature spectacular but nothing could even hold a candle to the true magic there….it was George and his values.

Everywhere I turned there were little notes, manifestos, in plain handwriting signed by G. I was struck by this and read each one feeling like it was a little window inside his head and heart. I looked around and realized one man (with a LOT of help I’m sure) had created something so beautiful because he did not waver from what he knew to be true about himself, about what called to him, about what he had to offer the world.

american flatbread values

I ate his flatbread, I slept in his inn (in a room named Kindness), I talked to his staff and friends, and I soaked in all of his values…and I was blessed and renewed. It reminded me that I too can hold to what is most important to me. There is no rush and each time I follow what I know to be true, I can create something beautiful. I wake each morning with a new day inviting me to create, to listen to myself and the world, to speak and be heard, to act in grace, kindness and love.

american flatbread5

I came home and thought of all the places and tiny ways we fall away from living the life and way we want. And I asked, What Would George Do? He would probably write a little note telling himself and the world what is most important to him. So I’m writing mine now…signed by P. You can write one too. Let’s trade tomorrow, shall we?


9 Responses to “George, the farm and living your values…”

  1. Nan Says:

    Ahhh, Vermont. George is not the only one of his kind up there. Do you see why we want to go there so badly?
    Most important to me?: love, love and love, understanding, listening, quiet, care for my parents, sunsets on lake champlain, being outside, enjoying H and W’s peals of laughter, connecting with Jim, balance. Did I mention love?


  2. Amber Says:

    That sounds amazing! I’m so glad to see your photography taking you places. You’re inspiring to me, did you know that? Just like you think ‘What Would George Do?’ sometimes I think ‘What Would Kindness Girl Do?’

    As for me, what’s most important is compassion, family, the freedom to find my bliss, and watching things grow. The garden is a metaphor for my own life, which doesn’t always work out but is still fruitful. Mostly.

  3. kelly Says:

    oh my babies and the endless sea of love pouring from them at every moment…i want to match that love, that light, and lift them up always, wrap myself around their hearts, believe in them, carry them with me, let them carry me with them, knot our hearts and our love and our merry lives together forever.

    and i want to know god.

    and i want to believe in my beauty and goodness.

    and i want to be a good wife to my dear, dear husband who works so hard for this family, who has held onto me through many a wild storm, who has let me hold onto him, cradle him, nourish him, need him.

    i want to heal. i want to pour light into people and help them recover their own light, reveal their healer within.

    i want to spread love. i want to be love, be love, be love.

  4. Ann Says:

    Visits to Vermont and Flatbread help me remember how magical and good the world truly is – especially if you stay true to your core beliefs and open to the beauty of life.

  5. Amy Says:

    is it really real? I want to go to there (do you watch 30 Rock?).

  6. Jess Says:

    It is so, so hard to be a mother in the trenches with small children and not constantly think of all the millions of tiny things we aren’t doing. But just look at what you ARE doing: raising amazing, compassionate children. Your work right now is on the insides of those children and on the insides of your friends. When you are less in the trenches, you will have time for the finer details, as will I.

    You are doing it!

    What is most important to me: respect, understanding, patience, beauty, creativity, community.

  7. P, I am moved each time I visit you. I’ve never been to Vermont, but it sounds divine and George (also my Grandfather’s name) sounds so much like him.

    At this point in life what’s most important to me is: uplifting others in need, my family and true friends, peace, joy, creativity and of course God.

  8. Lani Says:

    I love this post. I need, NEED, to do a blog about it!
    Thank you for being here, Kindness Girl!!!

  9. Zara Says:

    Great poost thank you

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