hold me tight…

August 23, 2009

hold me tight

There were problems from the beginning, I was a child bride by today’s standards. Twenty-one, itching to get the altar to begin my life. My ambition went about as far as the end of the kitchen counter where I was making dinner. We came from completely different families, cultures, backgrounds. Opting out of finishing college to be poor newlyweds didn’t go over well with cautious family members. We didn’t always know how to communicate well, we were so, so young.  Yet somehow I knew. 

I knew this was a serious love.

Skeptics thought we were naive and foolish, and we were about so much but not about this. We were far beyond our years in love…a love that has seen…

unexpected pregnancies

us grow up together

sickness and surgeries

mental illness

financial hardship


each of us navigate the discovery of dreams  

 the realization that great love was needed to cover big pain and hurt, bigger and deeper than we ever knew

and we did, and this love, this love has conquered it all…during the nights of tears, deep joy and pain, fear and truth, bliss and laughter. There were so many moments when I didn’t know what would happen or how we would figure it out but one thing I was sure of over and over again, in the deepest place of my heart was that if he held me, I was fine, the world was fine, I was me…

…we are love.

Come what may.

So now I am wiser and older, I feel my bones settle in the intuition of what my soul has always known, as he holds me tight.

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