the practice of art…

December 29, 2009

“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” 
Kurt Vonnegut

That is a picture of a double dipped pecan my friends, a heart hiding in chocolate love. This is the kind of art that unfolds in the everyday. The art that sets off the joy in my heart for simple and unexpected surprises by just taking a bite into a treat…they are tiny signs from the universe sent to delight and remind us that  there are a million reasons why we should live everyday like the whole world is some big giant canvas for art that invites us to both contribute and soak in.

the art of being…

and Vonnegut’s words pop up again the way they always do when you need them most…just when 2010 is coming and my mind is rushing with projects that put my art card next to the “making money” card. I hate those two together. I’m constantly shuffling the deck hoping the two will never come into play in the game. I start to sweat when they do…and the truth is, they will, very soon, as this is the place where my soul must grow…with lots of hope and courage in my heart, but it will only happen if I forge new paths. 

If my soul grows, the parts of money that make me break out into hives will fall into the right places…the place of honoring my work, the place of trust, the place I allow a new kind of success,  the place where I sink into my art of just being, come what may. I need not worry about making a living, I must only say yes…

So in 2010…give yourself permission to allow your art to unfold, to give it all it deserves, to discover how strong your soul is…and if you feel weary, or overwhelmed, or scared….I wish pecan hearts in many bites of chocolate goodness come your way…

4 Responses to “the practice of art…”

  1. mel Says:

    Oh, Patience, how I need these words at the beginning of the year as I consider a new path! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. Just what I needed to read. Thank you.

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  4. Anjolie Says:

    I followed Jolie here and I am SO glad that I did!

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