in love with black and white…

January 11, 2010

so new

I’ve been so in love with black and white photography lately…well actually, I’m pushing through a new level of learning in my photography and my color work has been terrible lately, terrible. So after hours of messing with a bad picture and discovering what I’m doing wrong, I throw that bad boy into b&w and I’m in love again.

Everything simplified, showing you only what matters…maybe this is how we learn. Working hard or just stumbling along, sorting, growing and then returning to a simple place to enjoy what is so clearly before us. We need each part and draw out certain stages depending on what our soul is requiring, and what the universe has in store.

Today it is clear, tomorrow gray, a future of color and everything in between.

5 Responses to “in love with black and white…”

  1. Jess Says:

    I just left you a Flickr comment about how much I’m loving your monochromes lately! Somebody suggested using the B&W setting on your camera and I have to say, don’t! It screws the contrast and deprives you of the joy of tweaking them yourself and discovering all sorts of new shadows and lines.

    You know what comes after stuff sucking, right? Growth spurt coming up, can you feel it?

  2. Kristin Says:

    I love those little feet!! My favorite birth photos are all black and white – I’m not a photographer, but they feel so crisp and timeless. Gorgeous work, as always! 🙂

  3. Amber Says:

    Baby feet get me every time. Every. Time.

    And I’m sure that the hard presages a huge jump into the good. It’s like a growth spurt, but in photography.

  4. Erin Wilson Says:

    I’ve been told that the best photographs, like the best short stories or poems, show only what’s essential to the story. Nothing that distracts.

    If the photo above is anything to go by, you’re capturing what is essential. B&W conversions just mean that the colour distracts.

  5. Vincent Hunt Says:

    I love black and white.

    I have always felt that black and white photography is no less than soulful. No clutter, no noise, just the art, the story being told… Facts. And you Patience are indeed an Artist. You do more than take photographs, you capture life, freeze it, and put it on display for the rest of us mortals to behold.

    Thanks for following your heart…

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