the birthday blessing…

March 27, 2010

the art of blessing

She folded her hands like she usually does when something is about to happen. It comes quietly and with a gentle strength…”I think this is going to be holy…” she said. And it is, for these women know just how to call it, in the quiet, in the chaos, in the dark, in hope, in despair, in truth, in mystery, in fear, in strength, in weakness, in power, in love, in kindness…they just know.

Just hours earlier I had called teary, overwhelmed and exhausted, so engrossed in myself completely forgetting it was her birthday. I could barely get over my own assholery. “Please come over for birthday breakfast, please come.” she said after a pathetic apology text. Almost all of my ashamed self was shouting loudly to stay home, totally horrified by my behavior but I went because I would pretty much cut off my right arm for her. So I went and we chatted and she pulled out a tiny flowering tea ball. Before I knew it my other dear friend brought Aunt Mary Lou’s lace and sparkling candle holders, we arranged her fresh roses and daisies and just like that, the birthday altar unfolded before our eyes.

We watched as the boiling water opened the flower slowly. “You just have to add water, it’s all we really have to do…” We reminisced of just the year before when everything was so dark and hard, we talked of the journey of walking out together, sometimes carrying each other, and I wondered how I was even standing in this moment. Beside these women. The people who know the darkest parts of me and yet love all of it, the women who can hold so much, such wisdom and grace, and more intuition than even I can imagine.

We wrote our blessings…”Write one for yourself too…” she said…and I did. We lit the old candle that has burned many a flame for all our hearts have held, we sipped our tea and read our blessings to her…it will be so. Amen. …and we scooped up babies and scurried to pick up children from preschool. The beauty of the sacred unfolding, living our lives together, offering the greatest blessing we have…each other.

you can see more pics from the birthday blessing here.

4 Responses to “the birthday blessing…”

  1. Chris Says:

    You’ve been popping into my head for 3 days now. I don’t know, call it my ‘gift’ so-to-speak, but whenever someone is in my head for at least 3 days, something’s going with that person. Doesn’t have to be bad stuff either, but one way or another I’ll either hear from that person or hear about that person through other means. My husband is always amazed by this. So today? I find this post and what a lovely post it is, too. But the most favorite part to me? The word ‘assholery’. I am SO going to find a reason to use it today. Hoping all is well with you. Breathe, my friend. Breathe.

  2. kelly Says:

    i can’t believe how lucky i am to been loved and truly seen by you two beautiful women. i have been floating on the bliss of that blessing for two days, carrying that spontaneous, sacred space in my body everywhere i go. your friendship is the mortar that holds all the wild and disparate pieces of my life and heart together. i clasp my hands and turn my face to the sky, thanking the winds of fortune that brought us to each other.

  3. Amber Says:

    This is so lovely and evocative. I so appreciate your gift for finding the sacred in every day.

  4. kolleen Says:

    this is the most lovely post….what a blessing for you all to have one another and what beautiful images your left for us to gaze upon!!!

    thank you for sharing….
    thank you.


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