Midwives for Haiti…we are with you.

May 5, 2010

you are doing it

As women, there is a space and moment where we sit knowing, seeing,  feeling all that is before us… bringing life into the world, surrendering every last inch of our bodies, facing our biggest fears, unlocking a whole new part of ourselves, stepping into becoming, the beginning of being …and in the most intense place, or in the total bliss, there she sits. She is “with woman”…a midwife.

Letting it unfold, helping us find our way, guarding our bodies, space and safety, believing in the power of women, babies, and in being completely invested in the most amazing part of our humanity.  So this day, May 5th, we invite you to honor Midwives around the world.

Join OmMama as we give our offerings of kindness to Midwives for Haiti on behalf of the great joy it is to both hold the space for women everywhere to know this kind of love and care that midwives offer and learn all our Haitian friends have to teach us about togetherness and birth.

If you would like to celebrate, join us this Saturday at the Oh Mama! Birth and Baby Fair at the Lewis Ginter Recreation Association from 10am-2pm.

*I will be offering a mini-photography session for baby/kids at the raffle, digital copies included. Hope you can make it!

One Response to “Midwives for Haiti…we are with you.”

  1. Leslie Says:


    Thank you. You bring tears of joy to my eyes and gratitude for all the love that is unfolding around us.

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