the unspoken family dream…

June 18, 2010

family dream collage

My photography work landed me on a private island off the coast of Maine a few weeks ago for just a weekend. It was only my second destination shoot and I was in a sort of awe the entire time. This particular land was magical in a way I can’t quite put words to. Maybe because it was private and so few people were there or maybe because the beauty was so overwhelming, but I could not get over how free and safe I felt. Free to really wander, free in a way I have never experienced before. There was nothing keeping me from soaking all of it in, way down deep.

“Babe, do you feel like we are in Narnia?” my husband asked while we hiked in a soft rain.
“Yes! Oh, I hope we get to meet Aslan!” I cheesily and wholeheartedly replied.

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2 Responses to “the unspoken family dream…”

  1. Jess Says:

    ohhhhhhhh! you told me i’d be in love with the forest but i had NO idea just how much! next time i’m stowing away in your luggage! those are the kinds of forests where gnomes live, for sure.

  2. tina Says:

    it’s an enchanted forest
    where elves and sprites and faeries play
    filled with magic and sunshine
    even on a rainy day
    if you close your eyes and tilt your head
    take a deep breath and wiggle your toes
    you will feel our earth mother come alive
    and start whistling her happy tune
    and the best way to say thank you
    is by dancing in the mossy dew
    and laughing with delight

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