doin’ the ding dong ditch…

July 6, 2010

I gotta tell you, I was super excited when I saw this ding-dong-ditch on my twitter feed. I guess I was so touched that kindness could even move into a business…a kind nursery and garden. What could be better than THAT? This makes my dream of Richmond becoming known as a kind city feel even more real….you guys made my day!

You can also read more about other ding-dong-ditcher’s here ….and check out what our friends and partners at Mondo Beyondo are up to here.

Ever wonder what happens and who finds your bit of kindness? How awesome is THIS?!!! Check out Martina’s comment in the DDD post:

Martina Says:

July 6, 2010 at 12:03 am e
Wow, imagine my surprise today when my doorbell rang and no one was there. What was there was the neatest little package! There were 2 fresh cucumbers, a fabulous magnet for my refrigerator, a sticker that says “Life is Good” and some really cool sticky notes. All of this was tied with a ribbon and and had a small note attached to tell me that I was part of the “summer ding-dong ditch” with this website at the bottom. It absolutely made my day!! All I can think about now is who I want to do this same thing to. THank you a million times to the wonderful person, or people, who have included me in the spreading of joy!

even more loveliness found:

you can find more of this doc goodness here.

I must tell you all, this has been a really interesting GG to watch. I’m wondering if this project was kind of like advanced kindness or something. I noticed while LOTS of people were loving the idea, this particular mission was a little more gutsy to actually do. I like that….it’s good to be pushed and stretched just a little every now and then, even in play and kindness. It’s also okay to take baby steps too, start with someone you know. You don’t have to ring and run , you can just ditch without the ding and the dong. 🙂

Much joy to you all as we uncover the power of kindness together!

2 Responses to “doin’ the ding dong ditch…”

  1. Jess Says:

    I have to confess, we haven’t ditched yet! We’ve been very much in a hole-up-with-your-posse place lately, not in a sharing-with-the-wide-world place. Something good is gestating here, I’m sure, and we’ll just be late bloomers. Will have to check out the goodness in the GG flickr set!

  2. K Says:

    I love that someone included a note and a reference to where the idea come from! It is a way of ushering others into the places we find nuture and support for our kindness journeys. I will include this in my future Ding Dong Ditches!

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