things we do…

August 28, 2010

The things we do to keep four kids going during a ridiculously long restaurant dinner:

1. Let them order root beer and drink it out of frosty mugs.
2. Make LOTS of toasts.
3. Order an appetizer because Abeulo wants to go all out and the dinner will take forever to come.
4. Play round the table child passing even though you are so touched out, surrender, laugh and take 2 kids.
5. Thank your lucky stars you work for PBS and have the SuperWhy sticker hook-up.
6. Let the kids actually put the stickers on your face like body art at a low point in the wait.
7. Be super excited over your tiny origami set find at the thrift store, make about 25 tiny paper cranes. Kind of wish you lived near this amazing girl so you could find one of hers.
8. Love pizza more than you ever imagined because the long wait with children was plenty of time to dream about the pie goodness. It was worth it.
9. Let the children make funny faces on each other and take about 234 pictures.
10. Let the baby sit on the table.
11. Order more dessert than you should, let the kids overload, you know, because it’s bedtime and you’ve been running a toddler frat house all summer anyway.
12. Soak in the family goodness.

2 Responses to “things we do…”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Sounds perfect, great pics.

  2. jeroldssis Says:

    A perfect night, it seems!

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