guerrilla goodness: got you in my back pocket

August 30, 2010

It’s one of my phrases to my friends whenever they offer me help, care, or encouragement.

“SO glad I got you in my back pocket!” …like they are close by if I need them, or I can feel ya even when we are not together. It made perfect sense to me that this particular mission needed to be a friend mission… so I asked Chris of Shutter Sisters ,  Everyday Heartbeats and general Kindness Maven fame if she would be my partner to tear up some East coast/West coast kindness and to my delight she said “Yes!”.

So here we go:

My good friend Wren told me this amazing story about junior high, facebook and an old bomber jacket. She had borrowed her best friend’s bomber jacket in the 8th grade for a weekend. Before she gave it back she slipped a note in the inside pocket telling her that someday when she found it Wren hoped she would know how much she cared about her and their friendship…well 16 years later, her friend found the note and Wren on Facebook. Isn’t that great?

So the next day after I read this story, I was shopping for some pants for Jorge at the thrift store because we all know it is my home away from home. When I brought them home and gave them to J to try on, he reached in the pocket and found a $20 bill. Hello take out!!! It was awesome and instantly gave me the next GG mission idea.

It had to involve treasures to be found AND friends!

Here is your mission:

1. Call a friend right now and invite him or her to do this kindness mission with you. Kids can pick friends too! Pick local or far away, it will be fun for everyone…

2. Decide how daring you want to be with your kindness– all levels count!

3. Pick a treasure to hide. Here are some ideas: 

 a note

a $5 in a small envelope

a gift card

tiny journal

movie tickets

some stickers or silly bandz for kids!

Hide a treasure in a pocket.

4. Any kind of pocket will do– pants, shirts, bag, or even drop in a shoe. Chris had an awesome idea to leave the surprise in some school supplies at the store- pencil boxes, backpacks, etc- check it!

5. Where? you can do this just in your house in a closet near you, or head to a thrift store, mall, etc. Anywhere someone will find your love and kindness.

6. Include this new fancy square little green card (like the one in the picture) to your kindness so we might even be able to invite others to join us and pass it on. You can download the PDF here

7. Show us your stealthy goodness. Upload your pictures to the Guerrilla Goodness Flickr Pool and join our Facebook group so we can all see the kindness spread and grow!

So excited…ready, set, go!

5 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: got you in my back pocket”

  1. This is… I dont even have words, but I am stealing the idea! ;))

  2. Amber Says:

    I love this. So many kinds of awesome.

    Unfortunately it’s 10pm here, or I’d be ON it, man!

  3. Lea Says:

    Discovered you today and love your ideas. I printed a few sheets of the “fancy square little green card” and will start spreading kindness today.

  4. Jeri O. Says:


  5. […] guerrilla goodness: got you in my back pocket […]

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