happy things…

November 27, 2010

Things making me happy these days…

the thought of turning my berry pictures into a calendar…
how I love josiah’s hands because they remind me of my sister Kate’s…
just thinking about making fresh green garlands soon…
how Tangled made me weep…
the thought of being almost done with nursing and on to new connections with Lyra…
dreaming about all the cute thrift store dresses I’ll be able to wear again…
how to make spaces in my home beautiful and reflective of our family love…
how much my new strategy about complaining about working out all the time seems to be helping, strangely enough…
that an Ikea trip is in my very near future…

the abundance of life, no matter the state of happy, crappy, content, fulfilling, hard, easy…

Please tell me what is making you happy today.

5 Responses to “happy things…”

  1. gurdonark Says:

    Not to mention the sheer joy of seeing a picture of lovely berries.

  2. Sandie Says:

    Seeing you makes my heart sing, dear friend. No matter how many months go by, you remain my bosom friend. I loved hanging out with your family yesterday and hope we can have our roadtrip pitstop the first weekend of 2011!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving season!
    What a joyful wonderful time it is. I can’t agree with you more about the way the joy spreads and blossoms as you look around a family circle… whatever that family is, it is family, it is joy and blessing and hope all together. You see familiar shapes, hands, quirks, noses, even toes. A wonder indeed. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. We did a thankful tree this year for the first time after seeing your kindness tree. It was great! Thank you!!

  4. Amber Says:

    I saw Tangled today, and it totally made me weep. I would like to say more about that, but I’ll refrain, lest I ruin the movie for anyone else.

    Other things that are making me happy:
    – having a TV after 2 years without
    – a 2-year-old who will still fall asleep in the baby carrier when I really need him to
    – a 5-year-old who tasted her first chocolate milkshake today and was hooked
    – homemade ice cream

  5. alexis Says:

    Things that make me happy:
    Seeing the wonder on my son’s face as he gazes at Christmas lights
    My beautiful new cloth diapers
    New and old friendships coming together
    Being able to help a mama in need through milkshare
    Quiet time

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