what gets me…

December 16, 2010

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…   the sexy version.

There are just some things that get me everytime, we feel each other, pure goodness…like…

fresh garlands

deep red berries of any kind

the inside patterns of chopped up fire wood

the smell of wood burning

my new found love of wood stoves

tablecloths in pretty fabrics with fresh flowers/greens on top

mantles, all sorts

cool covers of old favorite songs


more snow

light that finds its way into every corner of your house


sledding with your besties

white lights

strange things shaped into a heart

friendship cherry and apple challah

finger flashlights


…what gets you, carries you through the season, brings you joy?

4 Responses to “what gets me…”

  1. Naima Says:

    surprises, no matter how small
    smiles on my kids faces, no matter why
    sugary treats, no matter what kind
    the societal tendency toward altruism, no matter how strong

  2. Amber Says:

    Christmas lights, the smell of pine, candy canes. Oh, and the music. Bing Crosby, be still my beating heart.

  3. Emily Says:

    That same fabric from Ikea on your table (I got the red and blue!)
    Snow and sledding
    Impromptu soup pot lucks after sledding with friends who don’t care how messy our house is
    Crafting gifts for and with my little ones
    Watching my daughter fall in love with making gifts
    Our tacky lighted Christmas village and our beautiful Christmas tree
    Kite paper window stars
    Nursing my one-year-old by the Christmas tree and remembering his blissful home birth a year ago

  4. lisa Says:

    oh these are so lovely!

    ditto on all, plus the scent of pine, paperwhites and woodsmoke and the silence of snow.

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