loving love…

March 15, 2011

a&d love27 

For reasons that baffle my dear husband, I do not do portrait work. I like to stick to people being born. I prefer to leave the other amazing stuff to the professionals. Every once in awhile, I do get a chance to photograph a friend or do a Guerrilla Goodness session. I remember how wonderful it is to get to spend time capturing people in the thick of love, family goodness and mostly, see into their soul right through their eyes.

Ashley and Dan were willing to be seen, and oh what sweetness! Wide open hearts, a willingness, a love growing bigger every day. They were playful and real…I think you can tell from the pictures. Thanks A&D for the afternoon over looking this here fine city. Much love and joy as you walk the road together, as friends and partners.

You can see the rest of their set here.

6 Responses to “loving love…”

  1. Julie Sulik Says:

    Wow! What a sweet couple! Sweetness only YOU could capture! Where did you get that “lens” of yours? the angels?

  2. kristen Says:


  3. Erin Says:

    Seriously – do you give photography lessons at all? I really need a mentor!

  4. becky Says:

    You truly have a gift. What a lucky couple!!

  5. kelly Says:

    um, hello, patience salgado. this is your career angel speaking. DO. MORE. PORTRAIT. WORK. i love you!

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