you still…

April 3, 2011

at the age of 11….

you still want streamers on your birthday table
you still love the birthday altar complete with ‘hamster” art from your little sister and blessings
you still listen intently to your parents speeches and blubbering about how much you are loved
you still want to hear your birth story
your hair is still as shaggy as ever, almost becoming its own entity
you still marvel at legos and all things technology
you still let your sister give you a big fat smooch on the cheek
you still feel so deeply but hold lots in
you still help more than any kid should
you still have that sweet way of being in the world but with new expression of strength and opinions, it is lovely to watch
you still want to be close
you still, everyday, bring more joy than we could have ever imagined

I’ll never quite understand how I got so lucky to be in a family with you Josiah, I am so, so grateful I am the one who gets to be your mom.

3 Responses to “you still…”

  1. Oh, Josiah! You are the one who is 11, but I am the one who is crying. So happy to know you, your bro and sisses, and your mom and dad. You are a blessing. xo

  2. Brenda Says:

    Tears in my eyes too. πŸ™‚

  3. Bahiehk Says:

    how touching, that kid sure is loved. πŸ™‚

    And he chose a great family to look after him.

    On another note, you girl Lucy is fierce!! my kinda chick. We’d get along!!


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