what’s your calling?

April 16, 2011

There is something about being called…there is a uniqueness to it, that everyone has something, someone, something greater stirring, asking you to connect to something- the world, mankind or even just yourself. A kind woman named Erin from What’s Your Calling? asked if I would join a blog tour exploring the subject.
I probably should have said no, but now is not a “no” time for me in my life…even though I am maxed out, I knew that this one was for me, selfishly for me.

I poured over all the short films, how simple the call was for some, how deep and layered it was for others, how beautiful or even sadly it revealed itself, how amazing, how kind it was for me to feel like for just a few minutes, that so many people are living life in this space every day.

because for for me…
Every time I even think about my call….
I start to cry…
Because there are no words…
To really say how deep it goes…
How scary it is sometimes…
How big it feels…
How I know I must listen to it…
Follow it…
With all of my heart…
Because it is who I really am…

And I only know that everyday when I wake up I just have to answer it…and I can’t even tell you why or how, I just do. When I don’t, I’m just not okay…and sometimes I guess that is all part of the process, the way we are shaped, the way joy can eventually unfold, the reason we move forward, the path to hope.

The call to living Kindness has me, in all the best and worst ways…it has me.

What has you? What parts of the Calling are the most fascinating, hardest, bring the most joy to you? I’d love to hear…

For more info about What’s Your Calling:
Calling Dream Kit :
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Subscribe for a chance to win a Calling Dream Kit including $200 in Amazon.com gift credit to buy supplies you’ll need as you pursue your calling, a DVD and poster of The Calling, and an hour of coaching to help plan your project and the chance to share your calling with the community at http://whatsyourcalling.org.

What’s Your Calling:
What’s Your Calling? explores notions of “calling” from both religious and secular perspectives, or what people feel most passionate about doing with their lives – and why.

9 Responses to “what’s your calling?”

  1. lisa Says:

    this is so wonderfully expressed. your answer is demonstrated regularly in your words, ideas and photographs.

    (i’m still learning to hear the authentic calling…i’m paying attention to tone and clarity and resonance, tuning out the noise, and at the same time mustering up some courage.)

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      oh yes! the authentic calling…and my oh my, courage has been the biggest part for me too. like everyday Lisa, it must get easier right? 🙂

  2. Brenda Says:

    I feel like it needs to be quiet to hear my calling…
    but I know it doesn’t…I know my calling…it’s just that my MIND just needs to be quiet, and that is so difficult. I, like you, am all about kindness…called to kindness–especially how it relates to social justice and supporting the underdog. Sometimes, I try to “not hear” the calling because it is hard…doesn’t win any popularity contests…and takes a lot out of me. It makes me feel like I never belong. Wonder why that is…it should feel like I ALWAYS belong…being kind…I guess that’s why it is my calling–because there is still much work to do!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It was exactly what I needed in this moment.
    My calling is to recognize everyone I meet as full of potential and remind them. In particular, I seek out people that others label as somehow lacking, less-than, or worth less in order to aid them in finding their empowerment and embracing their potential. Right now my focus is with underprivileged youth.

  4. dawn Says:

    My calling…to stand in the gap for children in our country who can’t stand up for themselves. To live knowing that sometimes their very LIVES do depend on my taking action for them in a real way. To be active in that pursuit every day.

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      so, so glad and grateful for your call D…and that you hear it and answer…so much peace my friend.

  5. jenniferlemons Says:

    I am “yesing” absolutely everything right now. My calling is so strong, all I can do is take a deep breath and a first step. No net to catch me but faith and love, sister.

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