June 2, 2011

kindness is…

not trying so hard.
believing there is always a way in, and a way out.
worshipping green and other colorful things.
not returning e-mails.
right in the moment before me, this very moment.
throwing the master plan out the window.
receiving some healing.
breathing in soulful music.
staring right into the light.
kissing insomnia goodbye.
knowing, feeling my one true love.
laying burdens down…

What is kindness for you today?

5 Responses to “today…”

  1. Donna Says:

    Kindness today for me is…giving myself space to finish something I have begun…being brave to move through a scary patch…allowing myself to have wings instead of feeling weighted down by the new big ideas/actions before me…dancing despite the thunder

  2. Kelly Says:

    Kindness today for me is hugging my daughter close . . . taking a bug outside . . . admiring the vibrant color of flowers . . . ignoring the “to-do list” . . . planning a play date (for hubby and me) . . . taking a moment to just “be.”

  3. Andi Says:

    Kindness today (and I mean today in the general here-and-now sense of life) for me is:
    – people who think before speaking
    – remembering myself to think before speaking
    – a babysitter who doesn’t mind coming 30 minutes early or staying a few unscheduled minutes late
    – new neighbors that don’t seem to own a barking dog
    – a husband who doesn’t complain if dinner is delivered instead of prepared
    – feeling confident in my abilities as mom, writer and wife

  4. Amber Says:

    Today, for me, kindness is:
    – a husband who leaves his pressing work to come home so that I can sleep off my sick
    – honouring my need for sleep
    – really SEEING my children
    – letting myself off the hook for all the stuff I think I should be doing instead
    – tiny growing plants in my garden

  5. HJWord Says:

    today for me, kindness was having an afternoon nap. and reading this 🙂 It’s made me smile x

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