we should all…

August 14, 2011

we should all do some more couch diving…with brightly colored head bands on.

9 Responses to “we should all…”

  1. lifeisart Says:

    so, so precious!!

  2. Dottie Says:

    Your children are so wonderful. A true reflection of their parents.

  3. Erin Says:

    So sweet. Those are my favorite kind of moments. The simple, everyday, happy grinning moments! I have been wanting to ask you for some time – what kind of camera do you use? I am trying to improve my photography skills. I have an old camera and have been unimpressed with my picture quality. Your pictures have such a nice soft look to them and great light. An advice on how to achieve that look?


  4. kindnessgirl Says:

    hey erin! thanks for the kind words….i actually use an old hand-me-down Canon 20D, nothing fancy (semi-pro, not a full frame) but came from a photographer that loved her… 🙂 i almost always use a 50mm 1.4 lens which thankfully lets in lots of light with its wide aperture. i hardly ever take it off…to be totally honest, i kind of fell into my “style”, which tends to be a little darker and grainy from not really knowing what i was doing and constantly working under less than stellar lighting conditions.

    since then, i decided i really prefer this look…i also process almost all of my pictures in Lightroom 2, a little tweak here, a brightening there…i would guess almost everything you see on the web these days has been processed in some way.

    what kind of camera do you have? i think so much of it is getting to know
    your camera and playing, practicing, taking pictures of the things/people you love most…your style/vision will unfold, and it will be beautiful because it is the way you see and love the world.

    hope that helps!

    • Erin Says:

      That is helpful – thanks! I have a minolta 3xi SRL. I have been thinking about taking a class at the visual arts center. Just not sure if I should put my money into a class or a camera.
      I do love photography! Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Adorable, and also, I really really love your couch. That is my favorite color ever and if ever, in an act of kindness, want to get rid of it, I will give it a home. 😉

    Also, since we don’t have kids, I looked at this in a different way. It reminds me of the sweet moments in my own home, but the ones couch diving are me, Jay and the dog, all huddled together giving snuggles. So don’t forget to do some couch diving of your own, okay? 🙂

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      you know it was a thrift store find…in perfect shape! i fell in love with the color the minute i saw it- i think it may have been an old lady couch, it just sort of feels like one…which makes me even more happy!

      …and i can just see the three of you all huddled on your couch after some fabulous meal! 🙂 we must get together some time! i’ll try to fit in a little couch diving until then…

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