love, love, love…

August 31, 2011

There’s nothing like a hurricane to make a wedding memorable…although I’m pretty sure the love of the new Mr. & Mrs. Waters is plenty fierce and strong all on it’s own. They beat the storm but just by a hair. What a sweet day friends! Thank you for including me…here’s a little preview:

4 Responses to “love, love, love…”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    Comes to show that even the worst storm can’t stop a happy couple for something as beautiful as marriage 🙂

  2. Sarah Says:

    You know Adam and I got married right after Isabelle…it was lovely, and most memorable wedding ever! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Waters!

  3. Kim Says:


  4. Jacquelyn Waters Says:

    Oh Patience! They are so beautiful! I cant wait to see the rest! What a wonderful treat to see on our honeymoon. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts
    With so much love,
    Jacque and Nick

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