more is more…

January 6, 2012

in 2012…

may there be…

more living room dance parties

more couch diving

more hiking

more sunshine in general

more pie

more produce picking

more art (lots more)

more learning

more dog piling

more quiet moments being held

more kindness


feel free to ask the universe for more and add your list in the comments…because more is more.

18 Responses to “more is more…”

  1. Cindy Tyra Says:

    More Love
    More Peace
    More Enjoyment
    More Family
    More Reunions
    More Celebrations
    More Moments
    More Jobs
    More Money for everyone
    More Sharing
    More Caring
    More Sheer Bliss
    p.s. What is dog piling?

  2. Cindy Says:

    more belly laughs

  3. Annie De Says:

    More entries on kindnessgirl. You can turn a frown into a smile any day.

  4. Pam Says:

    more joy, more peace, more yoga, more walks, more time on the water, more beaches, more calmness, much more laughter

  5. Shannon Says:

    More babies!!!!

    (I’m 11 weeks preg with my first!)

  6. Wendy Irene Says:

    I love that picture and this post! Wishing you all your dreams come true this year!

  7. hazel Says:

    more of friends like you and Bessie Wilson and more time to spend with them, more time away from work. more time with my mama, my kids, my hubby and my grandkids, more hugs, kisses and more time for me to do what I want to do without feelin guilty

  8. Cassandra Says:

    more sunshine and more time to bask in it

  9. gloie Says:

    more patience
    more joy for simple things
    more wisdom
    more vision
    more help finding our new house
    more kindness
    more hands to help others
    more hope at the fingertips of anyone who needs it
    more gratitude
    more connection to all that is spirit … LYx3 Mom
    thank you and amen!

  10. Jery Says:

    more wisdom
    more acceptance
    more time
    more hugs
    more peace
    more abundance
    more tolerance
    more love

    thank you for sharing your kindness and wisdom!

  11. Kerri Rosenzweig Says:

    more salsa dancing
    more ice cream eating
    more snow angel making
    more delight in breath and movement
    more joy in the sunrise, instead of the usual grump
    more walking the path of pleasure instead of climbing the mountain of drudge
    more laughter

  12. Paula Says:

    more joy
    more hugs
    more peace
    more health
    more love
    more quiet
    more calm
    more smiles
    more of your posts….

  13. kindnessgirl Says:

    love all these “more”‘s!!!

  14. Maryclare Says:


  15. Amber Says:

    I’m asking for:
    more clarity
    more time spent reading
    more connection
    more joy
    more cookies

    To more!

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